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    • TT: It is sad to see another reasonable voice tire of fighting the distortions.  God speed, good scouting (if you so choose), and good fishing! Your avatar modification is priceless. Thanks for all your time. JoeBob
    • Good for you! If you take this path, it will be a wild ride. Your #1 need will be adults willing to get training, at least one adult dedicated to promotions in your school, scouts (BSA, GS/USA, and other groups) willing to put in the extra effort to form a community of venturers. If you are lucky, your council venturing officers association will be able to provide resources to help you. I also found Woodbadge trained scouters to be helpful in terms of helping me and my youth network. Are you already involved in a BSA unit? That will determine some of the other pitfalls you may face.
    • This . For 4 decades (5, if you count the rallying cries of agism and theism), the Moral Majority was using BSA as a social action cudgel. Therefore, there remains an expectation that national would reach out and pull the charter of a rogue troop. The opposite has happened, and that certainly can feel like a betrayal. On the other hand, decades rife with gestures of scouters on one side of the country banning classes of scouters (and scouts) on the other side of the country was a form of slow betrayal of it's own. Here on Lake Erie, retaining walls have buttressed bluffs against the property loss of owners who wanted an unobstructed view of the shore. It's sort of worked. Their cliff's have stopped eroding away. The beautiful homes - built up from fishing shanties, are preserved. But annual deposits of sand from seasonal run-off is gone. The beaches are eroded. And with the lake levels up, the assault on the concrete bases has begun. "Something there is that doesn't love a wall. That wants it down." I guess it boils down to where we want the sands of our nation's youth: retained behind walls, or spaning a vast beach.
    • I’m exploring the idea - very early stages - of starting a new Crew, with a focus on outdoor adventure, higher-level treks, and training / camp staff volunteering. My daughter is turning 14 this summer and has expressed an interest in joining. There are only 4-5 crews and one ship in our entire council, and the closest to us is 40 minutes away.  Anyone who’s gone through the official Crew-founding process: What advice do y’all have? What are the challenges and pitfalls to avoid? Thanks in advance.
    • (I have no way of knowing if this message will be posted)
      Sunday, May 27, 2018  It is with extreme regret that I after 3,600 posts and 6 years I am ended my association with Scouter.com because I disagree with the recent heavy handedness of the Moderators. I have recently been disciplined and my content erased for an unknown specific issue both Kafkaesque and Orwellian. To all the folks I have met over the years and agreed/disagreed with thank you. The discussions here greatly aided my ‘work’ as a scout leader and was personally rewarding. I have personally met a few folks passing through Tampa which was very exciting. (If you are wondering if I am at my breaking point with scouting I honestly don't know. I am going to do some hiking this summer and see if I want to come back to BSA/Scouts USA come the fall. Too many changes and both my Eagle sons/ASM's who are opposites - one progressive and one liberal -are not coming back because of the changes and proposed changes. I have done my best to not influence them one way or the other.) I am really posting this over the poor treatment by one og the moderators and a warning to some that winter is coming. If I offended anyone with posts of poor taste I apologize. Electronic forums are a poor substitute for face-to-face communication and civility. I have usually tried to say the same things I would say around a campfire and have a hard time writing and expressing my ideas online. But if I ever had un-scout- like behavior it is entirely my responsibility. I still do not know what specific breach of decorum caused such extreme unction. I have asked and asked and frankly at this point I no longer care. I think the forum is useful in these times of organizational change, if for no other reasons than to gripe and blow off steam and then hear the reasons from the other guy. However, like many things these days it is getting harder and harder for folks who disagree to have a common stage to talk.(err…like a Forum). IMHO the threads are being overly managed, moved, and policed. It is just not fun and Scouter is becoming like the Webelos 3 of Scouting. I do feel , both on this blog and on the BSA and related social media threads, that dissent of any kind to recent and upcoming BSA policies will be repressed.( banning a person’s speech and removing ALL trace of three thousand postings is not what we teach our scouts in Citizenship; it is over-reach and over-kill.) I believe this attitude will trickle down from Irving to Councils to individual Scout Leaders if they stick their head above their unit. In any case no hard feelings; it has been a good run. I have connected up with many great scouters and scouts here. Friends are free to email me. Good bye and thanks for all the fish. 'John'* aka
      “Tampa Turtle”
      Lostluggage2015@gmail.com * my real name, but I'd prefer to not use my full name because I have discussed scouts and scouters the last 7 years. I am sure you understand.
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