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    • That's fine, but ya know this is not about Robert's Rules or creating the perfect mini-legislature.  It's a gang of kids that should be doing things.  It's probably going to look and smell like a gang of kids when planning.   Pay attention to the social dynamics and mentor the scouts there.  Being kind, helpful, loyal, etc.  IMHO, Roberts Rules are applied when there is opposition and winners and losers.  Now if you want to use Robert's Rules to get to trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, ... fine.   It can be a tool.  It's just not required.  
    • "simply wear as many ... as possible" (that fit) ... I've many times seen adult leaders do uniforming checks but then be wearing four or five rows of square knot awards ... even though the adult leader uniform inspection checklist says the world crest needs to be centered between left shoulder seam and the top of the pocket.  Depending on shirt size, many leaders should only be wearing two rows of square knots and not four or five.  Shouldn't we correct our most experienced scouters first?   Our scouts were recently doing a ceremony picture.  I watched and kept my mouth shut.  It was their picture and they were driving it.  Yes, they were wearing both MB and OA sashes concurrently and one over each shoulder.  I would have preferred just the MB sash or with the OA sash folded over their belt.  But to be honest, as long as they were clean cut and looking sharp, I'm going to let it be their picture.  Anything beyond that is nit picking and taking away from their experience.  
    • The young man in the photo must not be taking advantage of the back of his sashes for badges. When my son was in Scouts we got 58 (rows of 3 until the point, then 2 or 1 in a row) badges on the front of his sash. By extrapolation a large sized sash (personally I feel these are the only ones that should be sold, but that's another topic) can fit 116 badges and still leave a strip at the top of the shoulder for a sash pin.
    • I reiterate my previous opinion. This is NOT a PLC decision, but one that should be made at the Patrol level. Each patrol needs to decide how their patrol will operate during patrol meetings/activities. The PLC should be a place where the PLs can report on their progress as a patrol, seek advice from other PLs and make TROOP level decisions. The PLC should not dictate how a patrol decides to operate. 
    • Rules of order are next-level. Your PLC should be proud for even trying to use them. I wouldn't ask for a recount based on technically. If some PL's felt left out, they could move for a vote of no confidence in the SPL. But, it is probably better to just wait until the next election cycle and see if candidates bring up these changes as justification for election/reelection.
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