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    • I think thrifty is a member of my troop, but won't admit it.ūüôā
    • 15 year olds working on their own intiative are going to do things a 15 year old's way and¬†to a 15 year old's standard.¬† if they got it "right enough" then you have a win.¬† If they didn't get it right, you have a chance to have them correct it.¬† If you want it done to an adult's standard then you need to do something different. After some years of frustration we started numbering our tents.¬† We send our tents home to dry if they're wet when we come back from a trip, and the only way we can make sure we get them all back is by knowing who took which tent so we know which one is missing.¬† We also use it to promote responsibility, if you open a tent and it's a mess, you can look back and see who had the tent last¬†and take steps to get the tent cleaned then and avoid having that happen in the future.¬† ¬† Like jjash we incorporate a year in the number so that we know how well they're wearing.¬† We found that paint pens and stencils work better and are easier to read over time than just sharpies.
    • The surprise was not so much the scouts I was referring to.¬† You may be assuming a 100% enlightened and welcoming group of parents, not saying they may not be, but there could¬†be some pushback in the tenting case.¬† While we work to provide program to youth, those youth are part of a family, that does have to be considered.¬† There are a myriad of potential items to consider so there are in fact no surprises.¬† ¬†This is the real world, and not a sociology class.
    • At least they tried.¬† definitely a lesson to be learned.¬† we use an abbreviated year/number to designate how old the tent is.¬† 18-01 for example.¬† We just use black sharpie on everything.¬† scouts receive whichever tent is pulled out of the trailer when they are standing there but this number is entered into the log so that the two scouts sleeping in that tent are now responsible for it.¬† If they open it and find something missing, the first people to be asked will be the previous two scouts.¬† Usually this would result in blank stares and I don't knows but it still emphasizes responsibility.¬† During use the tent number designates who should be in certain tent, billy and joey are in tent 18-01.¬† After using, one of the scouts assigned to the tent will take it home and clean it so the number also helps keep track of who has the tent at all times.¬† This is assuming the tents actually get entered into the QM¬†log as they are supposed to be.¬† Our troop has a big problem with gear not being returned and items disappearing so this numbering system is critical.
    • All Scouting is local, and none of these decisions need change the experience¬†for any of¬†our Scouts ... unless they¬†attend a summer camp, or a merit badge university, or a Camporee, or a Cub Scout Day Camp, or an OA Induction, or NYLT, or any other event sponsored at the District, Council, or National level. So the proposed solution is to draw inward, focus on the troop¬†(la la la la la - I can't hear you Surbaugh), and insulate ourselves with as little involvement as possible with the larger Scouting world around us. What a sad commentary on the organization formerly known as the Boy Scouts.
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