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    • Now that's just silly, we all know those evil aliens from outer space don't deserve our consideration.
    • Thanks for the replies.  Yah, I'm still watching and learning. With the troop I've recently joined, I've only been with them a few months so I'm looking for things and knowing that I've not been there long enough to see much of anything. Waiting on background check etc before I let them pull me into anything further (they are eager too), because I'm very process oriented for the sake of my sanity. I'm fine with dealing with changing climates as I work in that, but my personal mindset has processes and checklists as a way to keep things organize and to look before I leap.  Most of my major concerns deal with a previous troop I'm familiar with as a scout parent so I'm using my experience there along with the training/experience now to percolate thoughts. It's night and day comparatively with how those two troops operate. The more I learn, the more I face-palm from what I've seen before. I'm extremely encouraged about what I've seen so far with the troop I'm with. 
    • I'm responding in my view ... not representing everyone. Minor issue ... I fear your solution would require a tech admin focusing and solving issues continually.  If you have 50 scouts and each has a folder, granting rights, uploading, downloading, who has uploaded what recently, etc.  ... I just fear we'd need extensive tech support to keep this running smooth. More significant ... The scouts that need intensive checking of requirements are 10, 11 and 12 years old.  They may or may not have a phone, but I'd absolutely not want them to have a laptop at the meeting.   Getting them setup correctly may be difficult.    More significant ... As a parent, I want to delay and lower how much my kids are online.  When they are with people, I want them working face-to-face.  Not face-to-screen-to-other-screen-to-other-person.   More significant ... We've had scout unit web sites for years.  Often, many families never use the site or rarely use the site.  Does that mean we are telling those families to gear up or get out?  Is it even an issue within the control of the scout?  Or is it really a bigger family issue that is beyond what an 11 year old should be handling?   My biggest issue ... Focus of scouting should be on doing things.  Camping.  Games.  Activities.  Advancement needs to like the experienced scout leader that tries to stand outside the activities looking in and only minimally injecting themselves as necessary.  I fear that your solution promotes advancement to the forefront of scouting activities.  Scouting for advancement.  IMHO, that's just not the way to do it. IMHO, scouts should be able to accomplish everything with the lowest common denominator ... at the meetings ... at the camp outs .. without parent support ... without high tech equipment.   The absolute best way for scouts to track advancement is in their paper scoutbook.  If it's lost, it's pretty easy to re-create or handle without much damage to the scout.  Plus, it's re synchronized with each rank award.   Once they earn the rank, no one really needs to look backward except out of curiosity.   I must admit that I have absolutely no issue with ASMs or SMs helping sign off advancement.  And, I think I can defend that well.  But it's a different topic.
    • Absolutely right. Just calmly leave the meeting.
    • You need to have 5 youth and I think 5 adults, though if they are in multiple units not 100% sure how the money works.  There is an $40 insurance unit fee and maybe a $6 council insurance unit fee If you have insomnia below is the link to the 33 page Recharter handbook http://www.ncacbsa.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/2017-2018-Charter-Renewal-Handbook-170908v9.pdf  
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