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    • Removal from elected or appointed office: Is that supported somewhere? I can't find anything that supports that in the GtoA.
    • Wow! A lot of differing opinions here, even among the LDS community! Let me just say, as an 8th generation member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, that my family has never found occasion to worry or complain about the decisions of our church's leadership. I am 100% certain that the new programs will be effective, powerful, and wonderful - as long as the members who implement it share that optimism. So yeah, some units won't be able to pull it off, some will struggle, some will complain - but it won't be the fault of the programs. It will be their own fault for not coming into it with the right mindset, with the right attitude - with the right heart. But for those who really, really put their heart, might, mind and strength into it, I am certain beyond the possibility of doubt that the new programs will be MARVELOUS. Kind of like with Scouting. 
    • It at least shows that they (at least in my council) recognize the issue and are trying to do something about it.  Most likely it is not enough, but it is something. It depends on the content and quality of the training.
    • Barry I hope you don't mind, but a question for you. I've seen you make this point numerous times and something I'm not sure of is, how is BSA ever meant to expand if fresh blood, who by their nature are likely to be inexperienced in terms of scouting, doesn't come into the organisation? While we disagree on coed scouting I have broadly been able to follow and indeed respect many of your arguments, it's just this one pont that leaves me a bit confused!
    • That is exactly what we do. The adults enjoy it, but they do require some training because most of our adults are under the CC, not the SM who does that kind of adult training. But once the adults understand their role, they take it very seriously and have fun with it. And it works very well in keeping the program at a very basic level.  Barry
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