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    • He would probably would not be able to be a registered leader due to that, since BSA conducts background checks. But that’s just how I would think of it. Don’t think the cubmaster is out to get you when he is protecting the kids AND following the rules.
    • He has been to more than one activity before, and this is the first time it has been brought up. As for tolerance? We pay our dues. I have given 3 years of service as a volunteer. We've sold popcorn every year. We do our part as a member of this pack. My kid has been super scout for 3 years. So, in the opposite direction, I can then request that certain people that I know are current drug users be drug screened before coming to a function? I can then request every single attendant bring background checks, and we can exclude any person with criminal charges from attending with their children? RIGHT? That is entirely extreme! A convicted and registered sex offender walks in with his son, even if its against the law to be at functions where children are the main focus of the function. So this is not scout policy? This is just discretion of the Cub Master/Committee?
    • A better approach would be for him to attend one activity with Scoutmaster-approved supervision and go from there...take Youth Protection. He may get a second chance from the troop but if he walks away, he will not get a second chance to experience your son's scouting adventures.  
    • You have the right to invite or exclude anyone you want from your home. Likewise, others have the right to invite or exclude you. Under the circumstances, I think the scoutmaster is being very tolerant by allowing him to attend with supervision. The scoutmaster doesn't have to allow him to attend at all.  My CO would not regard someone you are dating as being a family member. He is a guest. I would expect a guest to remain with the person who invited him, regardless of his personal history. Of course, next year, he would be considered a family member of his son.   
    • As an Earthling..... Or if that's too Marvin Martian for you As a Terran....
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