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    • Its my understanding that a unit should not solicit donations from businesses that would directly benefit the unit.  Is that correct?   I am planning a bicycle rodeo that will serve to promote safety and skills.  This started out just for the pack, but I have contacted the local PD for their assistance to make this more of a community event that will benefit everyone.  Would it be proper to solicit donations of stuff like helmets as a giveaway items? 
    • Anyone can have whatever opinion they want about transgender-ism (it's not really an "ism" but I don't know what else to call it in one word), but what this thread is apparently about is, given that the BSA policy is what it is, how should the BSA deal with someone who first registers as male and then re-registers as female in order to "game the system" and become the first female Eagle Scout.  My reaction is as follows: One, I really hope that nobody actually tries to do that.  It is not what Scouting is all about, and would not reflect well on that person - and most likely their parents, who I suspect would be the people who actually dreamed up such a thing. Two, if someone does try to do it, I hope the BSA does not permit them to do it.  I support the current policy, although as I have said before, I think the wording could use some tightening up, with the GSUSA wording being the model.  I do not support allowing games to be played with the policy. Three, in a perfect world, or even a better world, nobody would care who the first female Eagle was anyway.  Advancement is not supposed to be race against other people.  But there I go, daydreaming again.
    • But to intentionally dress TODAY in a manner that conveys the identity of the opposite sex, as I see it, wrong. It's the intent, not the technicalities of what is done to accomplish it. So I don't see how this argument relates at all to the subject at hand. If a person dresses in a style that people associate as pertaining to that of the opposite gender, specifically to bend one's perception of their actual sex, is wrong. It demeans who they really are, and who they are meant to be. 
    • Dog tags.  They have a small chain that is supposed to go around a toe or something.  Can get them inexpensive on the internet.  Have the Troop and Patrol on them.  One on the Dutch Oven and one on the lid.  
    • We don't mark our ovens but we did switch to using aluminum liners and they alway come back clean. Our District uses brass number tags on a ring and that seems to be a good solution  
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