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    • My friend's troop goes to Camp Rodney.  He tells me they offer 3 ways to feed based on where your site is. Dining Hall Heaterstack where they bring the food out to the site and the troop serves it and cleans up Patrol Cooking where you are on your own to feed your unit - there is a reduced cost per scout for this option      
    • A flurry of action today: - The Judge approved the BSA/GSUSA agreement to stop suing each other: cd5eb23c-6a2c-4c70-a015-dc989fbfd257_10193.pdf (omniagentsolutions.com) - The US Trustee/DOJ changed lawyers: 867dd5bd-aaac-414f-936e-0dc8e1bd486b_10191.pdf (omniagentsolutions.com) - Certain insurers objected to BSA's timeline: b910e7e8-f15c-45b1-9612-f5b892b93ea2_10192.pdf (omniagentsolutions.com) - The judge asked the BSA to have a status hearing on August 18th: 3eaca9e8-7586-42e0-8d3b-8b7d2d739506_10194.pdf (omniagentsolutions.com) - A schedule has been released: Objections by Aug 24, responses to objections by Aug 29 and hearing Sept 1  081522 Notice of 7052 Motion (omniagentsolutions.com)    
    • It's funny as the scouts in my Troop have no desire to have dining hall.  The first dinner at camp this year was dining hall and otherwise it was patrol cooking.  While our scouts have less "free" time due to the work involved in patrol cooking, the patrol cooking aspect of summer camp is typically listed as one of the scouts (especially older scouts) highlights of summer camp. The senior patrol usually sees it as a challenge to produce the best food, start eating first and complete KP before any other patrol.  Other patrols, those who build strong teams, typically start challenging the senior patrol by the end of the week.  Patrols don't necessarily follow the recipes.  They make up their own variants.  Many times those fail, but sometimes they work better than the provided recipe.  They learn from failure and learn that taking different approaches to a challenge sometimes leads to better results. Unfortunately, it seems like many summer camps are headed to dining hall only.  They can typically eek out an additional merit badge and more camp wide games.  My troop, as long as the scouts continue to agree, will continue with patrol cooking.  That does mean we sometimes miss a camp wide game or end up with less merit badges, but the impact on the patrol bonding is a great tradeoff. That said, I do wish our Troop was better at utilizing the patrol method beyond summer camp.  We have patrols at camporees, outings and Troop meetings ... but we haven't been able to gain momentum in patrols meeting on their own (and many times patrols are mixed at meetings due to lack of attendance).  Summer camp patrol cooking is that one time of year I see the patrol method shine.
    • Hope it drops the price some . Excellent course just costly  
    • Yes.  No, the camp set the menu and provided the ingredients each night.
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