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    • All I know is that it would be the most popular craft badge.
    • I like it. Great website. Paracord is the duct tape of the outdoorsman, but astronauts use it too. A requirement suggestion: Where did paracord originate and for what purpose? What are the types of paracord sold and why is Mil-spec 550 the most preferred?  
    • It’s so unpopular because it’s not interesting.  Isn’t pulp and paper basically learning all about recycling, but a focus on paper?
    • I see that one of the newest MB, "Composites" is one of the least popular.  When it was announced, I thought "Really???"  It was suggested, developed and pushed through by an industry trade association.  My cynical side wonders how much they paid the BSA to put it into production.
    • I am never one to second-guess police officers on the scene.  Their decisions need to be instantaneous based on what they know at that moment.  The first thing that came to my mind was that perhaps he was trying to assess how many shooters there were and where they were.  Aren't they supposed to wait for backup rather than charging in blindly as the Sherriff suggested he should have?  Or have I been watching too much TV?  The fact remains the school was a soft target, there was no "security" in place, and there was only one resource officer assigned for a 3000 student, multiple building campus.  He was a 33 year veteran...certainly not a rookie.
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