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    • Thanks to @FireStone for that great defense of optimism. I’m also extremely enthusiastic for the future of Scouting. My daughter, who’s turning 14 this summer, will have the choice of Venturing or Scouts. She’ll have the choice to join the OA, if selected. She’ll have the choice to pursue Eagle, if interested. Put simply, she’ll have the choice to join the best youth outdoor program in the country. And I can’t help but be all in for that.   I’m not knowledgeable enough to opine on the issues of membership declines, council mergers, or Summit debt. I do know that my family will become a whole-hearted supporter of Scouting precisely because of the changes over the last five years. If I was good enough for the BSA, then my daughter is as well. That is a positive affirmation that will speak to many families. And that, to me, is what family Scouting is about.   I really don’t think we’re going to see a cultural change within Scouts BSA to bring parents and younger siblings along. I think we will see an expanded adult leader base from the parents of new female Scouts, and to a lesser extent from younger parents who were opposed to the homophobic policies of the past.   This new generation of Scouts is going to be great and put us older folks to shame. I can’t wait.
    • ...and we are seeing a steady drop in youth participation as a result.  
    • The unit committee and other unit leadership are chosen by the CO. I doubt that this will change.   
    • I wondered if "families will be the charter organization" but I did not expand on that thought.  I think CO's will be replaced by hands-off sponsors who provide a meeting space and possibly storage. Our current CO actually does none of that, so what's the point?  The days of a CO using scouting to provide their youth program are closing. My son's never-ending Confirmation process resembles scouting. In the last 20 years with 4 different CO's only one took interest and provided a meeting and storage space. That church is now considering forming their own youth group, as none of their youth are members of the troop. My $0.02 for more rambling,    
    • RememberSchiff, That was a lot to say in one post. You covered a lot of territory, but you seemed to have forgotten that scout units are owned and operated by Chartered Organizations. You never even mentioned the CO's.  
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