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    • For LDS families, Scouting will compete with many other activities, including sports, music, drama, and school clubs. Our church youth program generally occupies one night a week. My own family always gives careful consideration to overscheduling on the other nights. It a difficult balancing act to decide between many good choices.
    • IMHO, You should work with the SM on this. Maybe audio-record Jennson giving the answers to the questions. Is the SM improvising? Yes. Should he flex? Yes. Should you toss the baby out with the bathwater? Depends on the baby. BTW @Jenn, welcome to the forums!
    • Nothing more and nothing less We use the Boy Scout Handbook.  Pretty much has all the requirements list in a handy chart in the back.  Once they are all signed off, SM conference and BOR The troop does recommend using the MB workbooks as that helps the Boy Scouts keep organized
    • That is an interesting response. Was he ever planning to be active as an adult leader? Could he consider allowing his daughter to make that choice? Is he just making a political statement? You probably don't know the answer and I understand it doesn't matter because it isn't any of your business. I only wonder about it because we had several scouts with atheist and gay parents. And even thought they couldn't join he BSA officially, they still actively supported the program. Barry
    • @T2Eagle you need to balance utility against probability. The utility in this case is freedom from blunt force trauma. The probability is not just that of a boy falling from 25' if he is in a trained/controlled setting. But the probability that, not offering a controlled setting with safety instruction, the boy will put himself in situations where he is on a folding chair climbing up to nail his first story between two pines,  then climbing up to the second story from the first, then the third story from there. No brain bucket, no harness, no formal stress test, no training regarding fasteners, no railings/ladders in the design ... the boy's dad caught him before the roof (at 30') was suspended! Aside from whatever percentage of boys who bore of scouts because they are as rambunctious as my relative. American boys are entering the work-force worldwide with no training. Not all employers are OSHA compliant. If a young man has no experience building safely at altitude, he'll have no sense that he should push back at an unscrupulous boss. BSA isn't making boys safer. It's passing them off on others who could care less.
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