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    • Inform the Chartered Organization immediately.      
    • First, welcome. Second, you need to speak to your charter organization's legal counsel. This is a very, very delicate thing and the answer is going to depend on who is the legal parent or guardian of that scout. If you withhold information from that scout's legal parent or guardian, you put your troop and the chartered organization at legal risk. It may be that this answers the question. But it may not if you do not know for sure who is the legal parent/guardian of record. EDIT: One more note. Depending on your state's guardianship laws, even if the grandparent has been named the scout's legal guardian, you still may not be allowed to simply deprive the parent of information regarding the child's whereabouts. All the more reason your chartered organization's legal counsel needs to be brought into this. NOW.
    • @TroopWebmaster  on behalf of scouter.com moderators welcome.
    • I'm a committee member, webmaster and treasurer for our Troop.  Recently the grandparent of one of our scouts asked that I remove the scouts father from our website.  There have been some domestic accountability struggles (shirking financial responsibilities and not spending time with the scout) and the grandparent doesn't want the father to be able to have access to the scout's account information or scouting events.  I know that the scout is currently living with the grandparent.  That said, the father was the one who signed him up with scouts and has been the parent/guardian on record for as long as this scout has been with our troop.  I also know that the father has recently contacted the troop to find out the status of our Summer Camp so that would indicate that he's still an active scout parent/guardian.  I'm reluctant to remove the father because I do think he'll be upset when he discovers that he's been removed.  I'm also just not sure of the potential for legal issues either way.  Thoughts?
    • BSA will never fix itself.  If any serious work is to be done, the units need to do it themselves.
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