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    • Well said, ED...    Getting the Scout (the adult?)  to buy into the Scout Law and Promise as ideals that can ACTUALLY (actually!) apply for the good in one's life can be hard.  I had a p/t job once as a carpenters helper. My crew chief was a crusty old carp, the kind that knew how to frame a roof by calling down the dimensions to a cutter on the ground and getting the right slant on top. We had just finished a frame up on the first floor of a house, he came up looked around, said' "stretch your tape here" indicating the diagonal, corner to corner, and then for the other diagonal. An inch and a half difference in the twenty plus foot lengths. He told us to take out the one wall and rehang it. "Why?" asked one of our crew. "after the drywall, plaster and paint,  who's gonna know?"   "He said 'You and I would know... Take it down and redo it." In today's world of "believe me" and be rewarded by me....   to what are we loyal? Not to who.... 
    • We bring an oversized plywood "camp kitchen" style box that serves as storage for troop copies of manuals, guides and booklets, chess, checkers, cribbage, Yahtzee, multiple decks of cards, loose leaf paper and a couple of spiral notebooks.  There's also usually a football and a couple other random balls in there.  Scouts have free access to it with the expectation that whoever takes something out puts it back.  We emphasize that point so we don't have scouts thinking "I'll just leave this out for the next person" and then stuff gets ruined because no next person comes along.  As a note, if you decide to have some playing cards available, spend the money for decent plastic Copag or KEM playing cards (the narrow ones are easiest for small hands).  They hold up much longer, can be washed and you can just replace individual cards that get crumpled rather than losing a whole deck.
    • As I recall, and unless it's changed, there is only one position on the Committee, that being "MC" or "Member of Committee".  The tasks assigned to those members are at the discretion of the CC, Committee Chair.  The SM and ASM(s) execute the program as approved by the Committee.  The Committee handles the admin tasks such as record-keeeping.
    • I agree the SM (and all adults) should have the mindset and character necessary to serve the scouts. In addition to the focused vision of the SM, the "how tos" using the patrol method, motto, oath, etc... must be shared and understood by the rest of the Scouters especially the ASMs. Communicating to the Committee the "how tos", their alignment to the vision and the direct line linking the methods to the aims will not just help the committee to understand but also facilitate the SMs work. The necessary (thin yet unbreakable) thread within all of this is as you alluded to with the servant leadership,  Adult Association as a method. The scouts need to see, witness, and experience first hand the adults demonstrating the highest level of leadership, communication, patrol method, character, etc... The Scouters should be hyper-focused on being  exemplars whom the scouts WILL emulate. Perhaps we can use this thread to impart some specific examples of "how tos" , their connection to a vision and use of the patrol method to maximize SM effectiveness?
    • Hey, wait...isn't the purpose of a Troop to produce as many Eagle Scouts as possible in as short a time as possible?
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