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    • Myriad of issues here, but the headline about fighting changes to state’s Hidden Predator Act is not favorable to the program -  the Boy Scouts said they “strongly support certain parts of HB 605, which would reform the civil statute of limitations for child abuse giving survivors more time to pursue justice. We do not support it in its current form, however, because it does not strengthen efforts that experts agree can help keep children safe and includes provisions that would hinder the ability of youth-serving organizations to protect the children they serve.” http://www.myajc.com/news/crime--law/boy-scouts-among-groups-fighting-changes-state-hidden-predator-act/lJ5sDKg4tROfpQf9abQcAK/
    • I'd be surprised if the district would...but not terribly surprised if you found another unit willing to help....although I can't imagine that being overly convenient. OH, i remembered the other thing the pack had to store.... a couple rain gutters I bought and donated to the pack for a simple regatta pack meeting.  I wonder if they were ever used again??  That was a loud and high energy pack meeting   Everything else we had lived in the small pack trailer. I'm still struggling to think of much that the troop has to store out of the trailer.  The only thing I can think of is the troop flag and the log that has holes drilled to hold candles for their COH.  I never understood the scouts liking that ceremony...I suspect it was mom invented, and mom encouraged.
    • @walk in the woods....Stegasaurus Husbandry? The neighbors complained about all the noise on friday night.
    • I had to work hard to pass the swim test too. Made me more sympathetic to the youth who struggle and it was good for the boys to see the old guys had challenges too. I too had some Scouting goals....I had to lose weight to participate (my doc holds that annual physical over my head every year  ) and doing 60 miles on the AT was a real physical challenge. I am  a slow bit consistent hiker (hence the 'Turtle' in the handle)  always bringing up the rear. It can be a humbling experience but I believe their is great virtue in humility and it pays off in authenticity when I am out with some of the boys. Another goal for me was to make Scoutmaster training at Woodruff SR. I had to be persistent over a couple of years to get a slot the week I was there but it really benefited me as a Scouter. I am very proud of my training patch, probably as proud as some of my academic or career achievements. It reminds me that some of the "requirements" can be a personal challenge for some boys and it varies by individual --some it is organizational, mental, inter-relational, physical, or phobias. Sorry for ramble @5thGenTexan...Scout On! 
    • I feel the same about dangerous people. Come election time, we often hear that the US has more incarcerated/institutionalized than any other nation, perhaps too many of certain "classifications" and not enough of other "classifications".
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