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    • I was a bit concerned when your voice fell silent. I went cold turkey transitioning from an active scoutmaster to buildings and grounds committee for the council. It got real quiet. It was a big change for me. I wish you the fastest healing. Best regards, sst3rd
    • Amen.  A Scout is courteous.  78,000 girls joined Cub Scouting in just a few weeks this fall.  In a couple of weeks, it’s likely there will be a lot of troops starting, from what I’ve heard (one council alone has almost 90 troops ready to start with trained leadership, older Venture girls taking key positions, etc.).  Guess National found a few out there that actually wanted the program.  You are right, Matt, online forums often bring out the worst (and I’ve watched this one for a long time before joining), however, the personal attacks and just constant negativity would certainly fail to inspire any new leader.  I’ve not recommended any new leaders to check this one out from fear they will become discouraged with so much negativity.  Some complaining is just fine, but really, if most would just act like Scouts, this could be a place of support and encouragement for all.  Just my .02.  
    • I started reading this forum last year, as a parent of a girl who wants to join BSA, with the idea of learning more about the BSA as I prepare to become a volunteer.  It has been extremely helpful to read the range of opinions.  I have been impressed by the number of people (too many for me to remember all their names) who, even though preferring for Boy Scouts to remain single gender, have been kind and courteous to answer my questions and give good advice as to how to have a good program for the girls.  And I have been encouraged by the number of people who are obviously genuinely enthusiastic about girls in the program. I can put up with a few curmudgeons.  Actually, I have appreciated hearing from them, also.  I have appreciated learning, in this online forum, what some of the sensitive issues are.  Better for me to learn that here, rather than to accidentally and unnecessarily annoy some of the old-time scouters in my town.  
    • Very glad to hear you have been discharged and are on the road to full recovery. Good luck.
    • Good to hear from you, our electronic "pen" pal.   I am glad you have recovered sufficiently to tell us about it AND we are flattered that you came to us so soon to share.    Rest assured, your usual log will be waiting for you here at our virtual campfire.  See YOU , once more, on the trail. 
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