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    • Are you able to put the items in using Scoutbook?  Scoutbook seems more reliable (overall) than Internet Advancement.
    • AGAIN!  The software is doing it again. I can’t even.  I work 50+ hours a week. I don’t have time for this nonsense.  On top of that, all of the merit badges listed in the file from our last COH have disappeared. I double- checked in June, after uploading the file, and everything seemed fine. I can only see which merit badges a scout has from the Scoutbook site. IA won’t load the scouts’ approved/pending/started info.  So o now I can’t update flags in Troopmaster, and can’t manually enter the missing merit badges. What a mess (which is not what I really want to call it).
    • Rochester,, MA (SE Mass): The Boy Scouts Haunted Hayride event, planned for Oct. 25 and 26, will be cancelled due to the Eastern equine encephalitis threat levels. In accordance with the Boy Scouts of America Council, camping or overnight events are still cancelled until at least three hard frosts with temperatures of 28 degrees or less have passed and the mosquitos which transmit EEE and their larvae are dead. https://sippican.theweektoday.com/article/boy-scouts’-haunted-hayride-cancelled-year/44480
    • Nothing personal was meant.  I was more emotional in one of my responses than I meant to be and did not come off as scoutlike as I should have.  I apologize for that.   @RememberSchiff Thanks for the reminder and perspective. 
    • Okay let's refrain from personal attacks.  Hopefully, tomorrow Oct 23, we will have a better understanding of BSA priorities. Thanks. RS  @desertrat77  @MattR  @John-in-KC      
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