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    • The text formatting in posts are a bit wonky, for me at least.  The text in a post on a laptop/desktop is on bold. On mobile, it is not bold. If I type something in bold on my phone, it shows up unformatted on my laptop. Not sure if this is intentional or just a simple bug.
    • I just learned that this weekend! I thought all those other campsites were for display. 
    • Each troop has its own flavor; spiced with the experiences and maturity and knowledge levels of both the boys and leaders. I have seen troops that are run with military precision and discipline. I have seen troops that lean a bit more to "Lord of the Flies." I think the hope would be to accept and learn from both sides of the spectrum. I think it is more difficult for a more precision oriented troop to accept the more "slack" troops you sometimes find. For example, our troop uses its own mess kits, but not standardized or anything. Also, we don't have any problem leaving way late. (I am not in any rush to get back to the grind after the fun of camping! .  I think asking the boys to keep an eye out and see what they can learn from the other troop is a good idea as well, and have them report back during a gathering time. It not only shifts the focus from "we're right and they're wrong" but gets them thinking about what they are doing and how they can do it better.  It is tough though, when alternating something like latrine duty at summer camp and the other troop did not do their day, making it harder on my troop. But a friendly word to the Scoutmaster was all that was needed. He was embarrassed for his boys and started to get fired up and was going to give them a chewing out, but I let him know it would probably happen with my troop at some point during the week so he should not sweat it. I let him know to just pass it along to the SPL and step back and see what happened, good or bad. That same troop, btw, had a really good idea for fulfilling the lashing requirements. There was some bamboo poles lying around. A couple of scouts lashed them to make a fishing rod rack for all the rods the boys brought. I had not seen that before and thought it was a pretty good idea. So we learned from them on that piece. 
    • Well, in "pretending", we seek to aspire to the noblest traits of who we're dressing up as. That is why we encourage buys to dress up as scouts long before they have any real idea of what Oath and Law really mean.
    • Every unit is different, just as every Scout is different. In my neck of the woods, Dec-Jan has turned into Cross Over month because of recharter.  Packs don't want to deal with rechartering folks only for a month or less. And we have a semi active summer: a couple activities and day camp. Both my older sons' dens were chomping at the bit to cross over in December. Plus it gives more time for the new Scouts to get acclimated to Boy Scouts before summer camp.   One thing to remember, even when a unit does not meet, it count towards being active with the unit for advancement purposes. So even if the unit does not meet during the summer, it counts.    
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