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    • The American Red Cross has been offering free installation of smoke alarms across the country for nearly four years. ARC chapters often team with local fire departments or ask for volunteers (scouts) to install detectors and provide a safety talk. Perhaps there is a service project opportunity for your scouts with your local Red Cross chapter http://www.poconorecord.com/news/20180224/scouts-team-with-red-cross-to-promote-fire-safety http://www.redcross.org/local/new-hampshire-vermont/home-fire-safety/smoke-alarm http://www.tauntongazette.com/news/20180204/free-smoke-alarms-and-co-detectors-available-from-red-cross
    • I agree with everyone's comments that it's not the MBs and ranks, it's how they are run. That is coming from the expectations of everyone involved. The expectations from national down through the districts, the scouters, and the parents is that advancement is school work with a little bit of outdoors thrown in. I think there's an easy solution to that. Remove all the describe and discuss stuff. Assume that if the scout is interested then some day he'll go and read about the describe and discuss stuff on his own when he's mature enough. In the meantime just do more. Rather than talk about the food pyramid in cooking MB, cook an omelet, cook soup from scratch, cook pancakes from scratch, cook stir fry from scratch, cook bread from scratch, and cook brownies from scratch. i.e., the cooking MB should involve a lot of cooking and eating good food. Period. That's what the scout will remember. If he has fun doing it then he will seek out more on his own. That's what will get him hooked on it. But that's just MBs. The real issue is refocusing on the one main method: fun with a purpose.  
    • It looks like Scoutbook Lite is the database, and Scoutbook is a more comprehensive tool for your Troop or Pack to do things like send out email, keep a calendar, etc., as well as enter your records.  (Someone please correct that if I'm wrong, since I've not used either.  This is just what the info out there points to.)
    • Are you sure you're not trolling? Judging from the responses (and your up arrow) it sounds like you are raising the question just to give yourself, and like minded members, an opportunity to attack it.
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