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    • Thank you! That is close to what I needed to do. I had to go to My Dashboard and then Administration to get the rest of the way. Oddly, Scoutbook insists on giving me the mobile version of the site even on my laptop. Like you, none of the counselors in my troop, including me, are in the report.  
    • Here's what I did just now ... Login and click the pancake menu for quick navigation. Click on My Dashboard. My Dashboard shows my account, and under that my unit is listed right-justified. I click on that. It shows links to my adults and youth rosters, then Troop Reports, MB Counselor List, Print Blue Cards, and an announcement from my council that they updated the MB List. I click on MB Counselor List. It brings up a bunch of filters. At the bottom in red is "search". Click that and the list is generated. FWIW, nobody in my troop is on that list. I guess that's one more Email request I have to follow up.
    • Good question.  Doting all t's and crossing all i's is always important.    Yes, project plan and proposal must be approved before fundraising commences.  Fundraising plan should, of course, be a part of the approved project plan, yes?  One Scout was renovating a charity's closet/bathroom/office space.   Plans included the plumber supervising donating materials and time. Some lumber to buy, sold donuts at a city fair.   Sonofagun, Plumbing Merit Badge came into play , too.  Another Scout was rehabbing a barn at the County Fair.  Barn Super helped with plans ,  Fair Office provided materials.  Four H folks helped with incidentals. No extra funds necessary.   County Parks Okayed the building of a bridge across a creek on a well traveled park trail.  Materials vouchered from Park surplus yard,  Scout arranged funds from the Park Foundation (privately supported), donations publicly encouraged to the foundation.  There are ways to finance any worthy project.   
    • Oh noble SDW! You wander far from the battle. These are pictures of a couple of dozen scouts outdoors where exposure is minimal. It is extremely unlikely that any disease was transmitted through any behavior in this single-troop camp. These pictures are from a month ago. Leading up to camp from Jun 1st-14th, zero cases had been reported in Paulding Co (https://www.facebook.com/PauldingCountyHealthDept/). The bulk of new cases arose June 15-26 during and after the time these boys were in camp. If these cases were from community spread, it is just as likely that these boys camping at a fairground instead of roaming the streets in the evening curbed infection. We need to remind ourselves that ours is a big country and what needs to be done one way on the coast would make no sense in the heartland. Would a troop in NY,PA, or MA be able to do the same? I doubt it. Precious few of our counties have had zero cases for even a week at a time -- let alone two. Furthermore, since we encourage scouts to troop-shop rather than participate in the one closest to their home, scouts from multiple zones gather together -- a circumstance that favors transmission.
    • Found this news story...Boy Scouts Straight Outta Quarantine (OH)... No masks or social distancing evident from photos, huh? Summer Camp, held this year at the Paulding County Fairgrounds from June 14-20. It turned out to be an ideal weather week, and the Scouts participated in numerous events both at the Fairgrounds and in the area. With outstanding support of the scout parents, the Troop was able to offer numerous merit badge opportunities and a fun-filled week of activities.  Several former scouts of the troop also helped in teaching these merit badges and supporting the activities, many thanks to all. Activities throughout the week included, swimming at Blue Water Campground, shooting sports at the Antwerp Conservation Club, Sunday evening church service provided by Pastor Ricky Grimes, community service work at LaFountain Park in Paulding, an overnight outbound campout in the woods, and a fun-filled Family Night on Friday that included a pizza buffet and a spirited game of kickball where the youth played against the parents. https://www.westbendnews.net/autonews/2020/07/07/boy-scouts-straight-outta-quarantine/
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