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    • My son's first ever camping trip is on Halloween.  We are in NC, for weather reference.  We'll be staying in my 33 year old LL Bean tent.  I haven't been camping outside of the Army since 1994.  Still have my Thermarest 3/4 length self-inflating pad from my Philmont trip.  I was thinking of putting him in a square sleeping bag on top of the Thermarest.  Since I'm old and beat up from being an Infantryman and a Paratrooper, I'm trying to decide between a twin-size air mattress or picking up a Big Agnes sleeping bag and pad combo.  Kind of depends on availability right now.  I'm planning on taking these on motorcycle trips, so it's already a planned purchase.  Will I have to turn in my Camping Merit Badge if I decide to take the big mattress?   The 18 year old in me says "weenie"!  
    • most of our focus is on how to work on cooking.  With the advancement and Cooking MBs requirements, have not totally broken the code on group cooking.   
    • A very, very sad development. Makes me wonder what the right level of protection is for an organization like the NMRA to provide. They raise a very good question. On a different note - I wonder if the BSA should work with them to transfer this program under the BSA?  We don't need rail road Scouting, but I do wonder if there could be some sort of council organized activity featuring rail roading that the BSA could pick up here.  A way for the BSA to provide more value to it's members.  
    • What are some activity ideas your troops like to do while camping and make sense during Covid? We'll be car camping soon at a place where we can drop some stuff off, but have to park a mile away. We won't be bringing our trailer, so we need to keep things relatively compact. Manhunt and capture the flag are 2 they like. We'll do some hiking, but I want to give some new ideas to the PLC for them to consider. Thanks!
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