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    • Once they have a calendar of events. Your guys have to get in one school assembly where you and them present it to boys their age. Search this forum for "boy talks" or "scout talks" to get an idea of what works and what doesn't.
    • Yes, there is (mostly was) plenty of adult drama.  I am doing my best to get rid of all that and focus on our boys but some of our leaders are more focus on how we have been "wronged" and "betrayed".  I have been trying to get us to do at least one trip per month.  That trip is usually either a backpacking trip or a normal camping trip.  One of the main problems though is lack of help from my other leaders.  Most have little commitment and are mainly just worried about their kid (which is fine but a little help would be nice).  We have a lot on our plate right now (including renovating our Scout Hut) but I am trying to get our priorities right.  We have to have more boys.  It's as simple as that.  I appreciate your feedback!
    • First - lots of adult drama seems to be in play, but let's power through that Scouts are the best recruits for Scouts.  The best way to get boys who are not involved is PROGRAM.  Not advancement, not meetings, not citizenship, etc etc, it's PROGRAM.  Get your 3 active scouts to clearly set a calendar of OUTDOOR PROGRAMMING.  That is the selling point for other boys to engage, what will THEY be doing, what is in it for them.  Go Do Stuff.  Get the dates set and get a plan to go do things.  Not sure where you are but that is what will get the boys to show up. Canoeing, kayaking. hiking, wide games, biking, etc etc.  PROGRAM brings in Scouts.  The other key items like advancement, citizenship, and leadership can be built once you get them engaged  
    • Effective recruitment is an active process. Signs and "come to" events are passive and yield less results. The current scouts need to go to where prospective recruits congregate and do stuff with them, become friends, ask them to join. The adults do the same with the adults. This can take many forms, either engaging with the prospectives immediately, or doing scout stuff to gather an audience. Recruitment is cheap, easy, effective but you can only pick two.
    • or call the by their individual, patrol or troop name. Hey troop 123, Hey Coyote Patrol, Hey johhny and phil, Hey jane and margaret.
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