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    • I agree with most of what has been said. As far as dividing, if you do decide to go with NSPs, let them decide how to group themselves. While it might seem easier to say "two groups of eight". They might prefer a 4-6-6, while not necessarily "ideal by the book", the patrols are not for forever either. Then begins the difficult balance scouts changing patrols vs maintaining patrol culture. This is where adult association mentoring comes in to help scouts "make ethical decisions".
    • PACAN:  I am pretty certain these postings have been closely followed as part of National’s idea-gathering efforts.  The even-handed and serious manner with which postings have been made is a big factor in people being open to these suggestions.  I think the best way to impact what things will look like in the National re-cast is to find credible SEs and Council Presidents who are accepted participants on the national scene and promote your ideas — so they can pass them on.  Then, you need to be ready to Participate in effective ways when the new circumstances begin to impact your geography.  There will need to be a good amount of cooperation and willingness to give up our organizational ways of the past.  Good luck with your activities.
    • My thought was damage-control for recruitment.  IMHO, our competition here is subtlety saying they are safer,  BSA National should be responding. 
    • I am myself disappointed that there is no statement, no video of a "fireside chat", or anything from the leadership group.  These horrific things happened, and without taking blame, there most definitely should be an acknowledgement that there are victims out there and that the organization shares a heartfelt regret that any child has been taken advantage of- in or out of Scouting.  Rebuilding the image starts now- we can't wait for the end of a court case for it.  
    • The BSA, for all of it's marketing and development folks, is absolutely the worst at any type of marketing.  Basically it is non-existent.  This is at both the National and Local levels.  For them to be able to get out in front of something, they need to have a grasp of what that something may in fact be and UNDERSTAND why they need to get in front of said something.  They need to be able to TELL the positive story, but they may not understand why the story needs to be told. Yes Scouting is local, but it's like any franchised business.  The National office generates the buzz to drive consumers and the local shop delivers on the promise.  With BSA is seems that the local shop has to source their own customers, tell the stories, generate the buzz; then pay the money up the chain.  Think I saw that business model in Goodfellas. There should be marketing for the BSA that drives Youth to be interested in the program, to SELL the program.  Then the local units close the deal. Sadly if you are not involved in Scouts chances are you will never be aware we are around.  There are some units that have a presence on Social Media, but those are very few and most are not very good at posting regularly or putting out a good story.  As for any traditional venues like billboards, popup posters, etc; non-existent  
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