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    • Awards or ranks? Ranks, whether the patch or pin, are for youth and not to be worn as adults. Now some youth ranks: Eagle Scout, Sea Scout Quartermaster, Cub Scout Arrow of Light, Venturing Silver/Summit, and some discontinued older Explorer ranks,  do have knots that represent the rank that adults do wear on their uniforms. And for Eagle, Quartermaster,  Silver/Summit, and the older awards with medals, those are worn on special occasions.   As to awards, I do have some of the awards on uniforms because i can still wear them. But most of them ar eframed on wall.
    • If I understand correctly.  Adult volunteers do not wear Scouting awards.
    • Jeep's 8 Scouter Rules....1) It's a Scout led program.   2) Never do anything  a Scout can do for themselves.  3)  The Troop Leader is the Senior Patrol Leader.  4)  The Patrol Method works ! 5)  It is a game with a purpose.   6) Fail to plan and you plan to fail.   7) A Scout is Taught,  Tested, Reviewed and Recognized.  8.  The trail to Eagle is a trail, not a destination….  
    • No maybe on the rain jacket, thunderstorms are common this time of year.
    • I don't understand your statement. In what way can an eagle not show continued commitment as an adult?
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