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    • Pottery. If you can find an artist who will set up a wood fired kiln, clay is cheap.
    • "Scouts" accommodates nobody. Fewer American boys than ever consider themselves scouts, even fewer girls. Let's not forget that "scouts" does not refer only to youth nor, thanks to the inflated sports industry, does it refer to territorial expedition forces. I had yet to see balloons announcing a new arrival proclaim "It's a scout!" A kid who is interested in literature for their age group is not going to type "scout magazine" in their search engine. They won't even have a clue that the word would apply to them. Their first search will be either "girls" or "boys". At the book store, the will look for those words in the title. Be plain spoken. Pitch to your customers using the names that they call themselves.
    • Cub Scout camp handicrafts activities in my experience have always seemed to suffer a little - either really quick, super-cheap options because the camp is on a shoestring budget, or they barely relate to the theme. National theme this year is “Passport to Adventure,” so we have the entire world to draw from. What are the best Cub Scout summer camp handicrafts activities that you’ve seen done? What are ways a handicrafts staffer can help stretch or leverage a limited budget?
    • Hush, Ian! Sometimes even bad press sells tickets!  Sons were quite amused to hear that I'm now assisting in a 2WSP. Son #2 scoffed, "Wasn't that what we were doing already?" I've often told them that when they hear murmurs about sinners and publicans at their table, to check if the Master's seared nearby.
    • What does "initial time" mean?  Was there an agreed upon time to meet?
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