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    • So the short answer would seem to be yes, you'll need a YPT trained over 21 years old female registered leader present in either scenario.  Not clear the scenario disappears after next year.  Could be unregistered parent/guardian brings AOL son to Webelos campout/meeting, but, also brings Webelos or Bear daughter along (family friendly, yes?).  That triggers the need for the registered female leadership.  
    • Long term, the sensical thing to do would be for the girls webelos den to visit a girls troop. Obviously it'll be a muddle through for the next year while the girl troops get established.
    • So...question on this topic -  We have the Webelos come for a campout each year.  Also they visit a meeting during the year.  While we are a large troop (40 +/- on campouts / 90 +/- registered) there are no female leaders that regularly camp nor attend the meetings.  We do have female committee members who work on a large number of items, they are registered and YPT compliant. When we have the Webelos campout, and if a Female Webelos were to attend (or multiple) would we need to have a registered YPT female leader present to be in compliance?  Note that for the Webelos attending this is not an official Pack event, and while they are guests of the troop on a visit they tent with their parent (or adult partner), do not ride to or from with the troop, and while we do ask for their approximate time they will be in attendance, we as a troop do not assume responsibility.  They are their visiting with their parent who has that responsibility. Same for the meeting visitation.  Parents bring the Webelos, they shadow during the meeting, we have a parents session.  Will we need a trained YPT female there in case we get some female Webelos? Just curious what say the New World Order YPT internet lawyers?
    • Learned something new. That might be something to present a scout who ages out regardless of rank?
    • @GrizzlyCM welcome to scouter.com
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