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    • Program, program, program! Sounds like that Council Exec is a big waste of space.
    • Sounds like that Council Executive has given up.  Of course traditional Scouting still works -- at the unit level, if you have leaders who know what they are doing and an active program, especially an active outdoor program.  Traditional Scouting isn't working nearly as well at organizational levels above the unit because the layers of bureaucracy above the unit level aren't adding much value to unit Scouting and instead are a drag on the movement.  
    • I've always thought that underdeveloped rural areas face many of the same challenges as impoverished inner city areas. Crime, drugs, poor schools, broken families and few economic opportunities. As others have already said, there are people and leaders of character in every community that are fighting the good fight. You need to find those people and partner with them. That starts with not going about it in a judgmental manner. These people may have different lifestyles and challenges in their lives than you do, but that's not always a reflection on their character and capability. 
    • The  "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" movie "Deliverance" predates the current constitutional crisis by some decades.  One might recall how President Carter was ragged on by the Eastern and Western elites of his own party until, in his old age, he became a leading attacker of Bush the Younger. One would think that if working with certain people is terrifying, you would simply not do it.  
    • I am not sure which end of the "gay issue" you mean.  Around here Dale caused packs previously sponsored by parent-teacher organizations and meeting in elementary schools to have to find new accommodations.   In our district alone, the reversal of stance caused no less than 4 churches to decided scouting no longer aligned with their values.  One of these churches sponsored a pack, troop, and crew.  Granted, only one openly told the BSA that it was why they were leaving, but the leadership was pretty clear with their congregations that it was the reason. 
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