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    • We can definitely be the bad guy. The bad guy reference was more to the position National BSA is placing local units in with their gerrymandered and non-equally applied YPT requirements.  We (and other units) have no issue with adhering to that and communicating such.  The parents and Webelos effected by this will probably think ill of the local unit and not the Corporate BSA that made the rules in a vacuum, far away from their actual customers, in the hallowed grounds of Dallas or the extremely well apportioned and no doubt overpriced rooms of the Summit.
    • Hi all.  I received my notification just recently that I was selected to help the IST team.  Being a single adult, with no children of my own, that helps the scout program to give back to an organization that has given me so much, it is the only way I can attend.  I could use some help.  What are some good tips, knowledge or wisdom that you can share for attending a Jamboree of this size?  I haven't done National yet so this is the first big event within the scouting program.  I'm just looking for some tips to have a great experience at the WSJ while I technically can't participate in a lot of activities, but my main goal in working to to help give them a great program and experience. Let me know what you have!
    • I'm for sure a "conditional Scouter." If I need to reduce time volunteering with Scouts for work, family, friends, or the church, it happens. If my troop starts making programmatic changes I disagree with, it's my obligation to step aside vs create problems. If the BSA starts mandating policies or rules I can't live with, I again, have an obligation to step aside for the good of the organization and my own sanity.  Sounds like a cudgel to bully people into doing things they don't want to do.  I'm cautiously optimistic for what adding girls into the BSA will do for girls, and if my troop decides to launch a troop for girls, I'll help them with that. I volunteer on the council level for various things, and will continuing to do those programs.  
    • I stayed in the program as an ASM, OA chapter adviser, etc after earning Eagle so I could give back. But I am a "Conditional Scouter." I became a professional, dealing with all the headaches, frustration and stress that job entails so I could make a difference. But I am a "Conditional Scouter." Once I left the profession, I volunteered again, leaving my wife and later kids at home, so that others could have a Scouting Experience. But I am a "Conditional Scouter." Instead of being just a DL for my sons, I picked up additional responsibilities on the district anc council level so that they and their friends could have a great time. So instead of being with them and doing things with them, I was running entire events. But I am a "Conditional Scouter." When my district began losing district committee members due to changes in policies they did not agree with, I stuck around and tried to hold things together. I was doing 4 different district jobs, which again took time away from my family. But I am a "Conditional Scouter." Yes, the term 'Conditional Scouter" is one to denigrate and insult those of use who care about the program, yet disagree with National. A lof of people, Scouts, parents, and Scouters, have reservations and concerns about the changes. We are hearing one set of things from national, but seeing just the opposite occuring with the early adopter Cub Scout packs, and those councils using Explorer Clubs to get a jump start on girls in Scouting. Funny thing is, at the town hall meeting, al lot of what I and others are seeeing, " joint meetings" and outright coed dens, predicted this would happen.
    • I am going to try and copy it so that I can manipulate it to have blanks where specific names and dates are.  Then it could have such a use but keep most of the historical integrity.  I will have to scan the back and share it also.  It has a form to list all the awards of the scout, and this one has all the dates for his ranks and merit badges listed.  It is odd to me that in my half century of finding stuff, this is the first version of this I have ever seen.  Like many of the old certificates, it is somehow more personal to the intent and recognition and also just simply better designed.  Since the cert is actually sealed in the frame I am not sure how a scan will come out, and do not want to open it up.  
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