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A place to chat about Scouting's biggest gathering

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    • And join the 10,000 other scouters who've had that door slammed in their face? Great strategy for masochists. Exactly ... that's what rogue troops did. BSA4G is the result.  We're all victims of their success. ^^ Understatement of the decade!
    • I suppose, if you're the only one, it makes you the chairman.
    • I was a new Tiger DL this past October.  I went down and bought the Den Leader Guidebook and put it in a 3 ring binder and even took it to a few meetings.  I was sorry I wasted the money after I really looked at it.  On my own I determined I could plan my meeting and conduct just using the Addendum.  I wonder if who wrote the DL Guidebook has ever been around a room of 1st grade boys. 
    • No, it is alive and well. The branding changed, the delivery model changed, pricing structure changed. But other than versioning upgrades. the products are the same and growing.  Though I admit it is a strange app suite given the job, most of the tools are professional level design tools, overkill for those not in that industry. 
    • I am not arguing that free speech should be against the law, in fact, I served to defend the Consitution and those rights.  Unfortunately, many people are in fact unwilling/unable to engage in civil debate, particularly among our elected officials who seem to think their primary purpose is to get elected/re-elected rather than serve.  And as adamant as I am about defending all of the rights in the Consitution, you are incorrect that in the assertion that the 2nd amendment is a blanket protection against any legislation. 
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