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    • "...arrested Friday, Savannah police said. Tommy Callaway, 43, was charged with misdemeanor sexual battery, Bianca Johnson of the Savannah police department confirmed to CBS News. " Callaway posted bond.
    • The justice system assumes innocence in the absence of contrary evidence presented beyond a reasonable doubt.  That does not mean that we act as if the accused was actually innocent.  After all, they are accused of a crime and if we acted as if they were innocent no trial would be held.   Society can make whatever judgement they feel is reasonable about this guy as we are not a jury of his peers or a judge dispensing justice.  
    • The entire theory of "crime" is that it is not an offense only against the victim but is, instead, an offense against the jurisdiction or other ruler.  Hence, "The Crown vs Defendant" or  "The State of X vs. Defendant."  More recently, some especially heinous crimes are said to be against humanity - genocide, use of weapons of mass destruction, wars of aggression.  I suppose humanity and the World are close enough to be substituted, one for the other.  The court typically asserting jurisdiction over such cases  these days is the International Criminal Court at the Hague.  However, most great powers, such as he United States,  do not recognize the jurisdiction of that court.
    • In  a court, a jury, selected from the rolls of voters, would be selected by a process that hopefully produces finders of fact who are not prejudiced.  The jury would decide  what contact occurred and if it was reasonable for the reporter to find the contact harmful or offensive ("battery").  Of course, none of that is required here, for you or any other member.  
    • nk No.  I think he is innocent until proven guilty.  Until then he is "accused."   That was once a societal norm. - "ethical."   But societal norms change.  
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