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    • Thank you, everyone, for your thoughtful replies. I appreciate all the excellent advice! 
    • I don't have a problem with this in general, but I think the BSA could pay a little more attention to how people are going to perceive things.  The one thing that catches my eye is the "premium linens."  Really?  The whole setup is still reasonably rustic, I have no problem with a family opting for (and paying extra for) electricity, but "premium linens" seems kind of silly and unnecessary.  All it does is lend itself to sarcastic exaggerations like the ones in the original post.  (Plus I am not quite sure what would count as "premium linens."  I am going to guess the ones we use at home would not qualify, but they do the job in a reasonably comfortable manner.)
    • @qwazse, I'm tracking with you.  Hadn't thought of the situation in that light.  I figured the Mustangs would get a small sample of Philmont and then count down the days till they could come back as a crew member.  Or become a staff member.  Given the dynamics you've mentioned, plus the unwelcoming tone that seems prevalent in the BSA today, I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see them leave the confines of the BSA for other trails.
    • I'm inclined to agree with @desertrat77. When you grow up seeing the serious backpackers leaving for the deep woods, it makes you curious. On the cusp of qualifying to lead a patrol there yourself. Not sure how much they'll be the future of the BSA. They're just as likely to tackle those (and other) hills five years from now independently with their mates. The BSA-required adult leaders will be left behind. Not being trusted to ASM young ones, they'll wind up as young adults serving other youth programs. A minority will come back to the BSA at age 21. Most will be doing good for this country and the world under other banners.
    • I know the feeling... It was actually kind of an eventful week, and the events were kind of unavoidable for us.  Prince Charles and Princess Diana got married four days after we did, so we were in the capital of Canada at the time the heir to their throne got married.  (They went kind of bonkers over that.)  And then the air traffic controller strike as we were trying to get back.
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