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    • Sounds a little like you want to be the SM. If the PLC has an issue with the CoH they need to work with the SM and set expectations. If the parents have an issue with the SM they need to join the committee and set expectation of the SM. This kind of drama has no place in scouting and an honest conversation should be all thats need to make changes.
    • Does the SM have any scouting experience? Barry
    • our new troop (an all-girl troop) just had its first court of honor (coh). by far, this was probably the worst coh I have been tied to. the average amount of time a coh honor should last should be about an hour and a half or until the scouts get tired (at least enough time for one to enjoy themselves); about the same size as a usual scout meeting. I am an assistant scoutmaster (as) in this unit and I tried to find out from my scoutmaster (sm) what he had planned for the coh. he didn't want to tell me anything. once I clarified to him that I was willing to help prepare the coh (based upon my experiences--very positive experiences) and would love to assist in the logistical aspects of getting this done, he more or less told me to mind my own business and he could get all of the coh work done on his own.  never-mind the fact that he had cancelled the coh three times for misc. reasons. I was cool with that answer he gave me and moved on with my life. the night of the coh, the sm opened his 'welcome' address by saying that he was not staying any longer than 30 minutes and he was leaving. he only shook hands with 1/3 of the parents, couldn't say anything positive or memorable about individual scouts to either the scouts or their parents, to show the parents that they were equally involved in scouting and that we were happy to have their child with us. he did go around to a few tables and imply to the scouts and scout-leadership that we were not eating fast enough and he was ready to hand-out awards. when it came time to hand-out awards, he had mashed all of the merit badges and rank patches into these tiny zip-lock bags and given them out to the girls. one couldn't even tell what was being given to the girls or what was in the bag--until he read-out the awards' citations. when  he read out what each girl was being awarded with, he read it so fast and low-soft that we didn't even know much of what he said. halfway into the awards, he thought it might be a good idea to start actually shaking the girls' hands as they walked-up to receive their awards. at the end of the night, most of the female scouts and their parents were all pretty ticked-off at what had just happened. to make up for it, myself and another AS threw a party at a local ice cream shop, where we showed funny slide shows of the girls' past scouting experiences and talked to the parents and spoke positively about each individual scout and what they mean to the troop and to the leadership. needless to say, the sm was not invited--this was because the actual girl scouts had (namely the senior patrol leader and patrol leaders) requested we not let him know until after the fact, when pics of the event would probably be posted on social media.   is there a template for how COHs are supposed to be run and what all is supposed to be conducted and how? I didn't think a COH could get screwed-up, but apparently it can. was my sm correct afterall with the way he handled this? ANY insight would be greatly appreciated.    --rm
    • I think the number of scouts and leaders all depends what the scouts are making. We make leather tripod stools that take about 6-9 hours and it would hard to have more than 10 at a time. Also I don't think its a good idea to ever focus on MB for a troop meeting, Teaching a specific skilll that might lead to an MB is good but using all the troop time to do MBs might not be the right way to help scouts grow through the MB process.  
    • We can get 20 through easy enough.  I think the main issue is that in a larger group there is less participation per scout during the discussion time.  In addition getting all the blue cards signed there is a lot of waiting around. With an assistant or two, we would have the chance to work with the scouts that need to take a little longer (and I can assign the lanyard part to someone else).  I really don't want to organize my own event.  What I may do is work at the troop level.  That way it could be from just a few scouts to the whole troop.  We may have to meet several times since most troop meetings are only about 1.5 hours.  
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