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    • Well done MBs and advancement is very meaningful to the scouts.  The challenge is every scout is not interested in every MB needed for advancement.   IMHO, the advancement program should be changed to something that is meaningful and interesting to the scouts.  Keep the challenge and growth factors.  Maybe the SM and scout should work together to create a more personalized advancement itinerary.  Maybe each time a rank is complete, the SM and scout could work to find a reasonable path for advancement to the next rank.   I think the problem would be implementing a program that is fair and evenly applied.  
    • I think it has a place but they are over emphasized.
    • I read so many threads with very experienced Scouters speaking quite negatively about merit badges and rank advancement. There is so much disparaging talk about Eagle mills and merit badge factories. Focusing on merit badges and the trail to Eagle means you are missing the point of Scouting and not having a quality experience. You are only a true Scout if you are in it for the fun. Some have even advocated for eliminating merit badges classes entirely from troop meetings and summer camp schedules. In the minds of some, advancement seems to be at the root of all that is wrong with Scouting because it introduces a corrupt motivation and becomes a distraction from having fun. This talk never ends here on Scouter.com which leads to me ask ... How many folks think that eliminating merit badges and rank advancement from the Scouting program would be a good thing? I'm actually not trolling - I'm asking a serious question.
    • Yes.  In scoutbook, the forums contain the info and the documentation.  It is far from an ideal, practical or good situation.  But it is what it is.  You can search and find stuff. A TRICK you should know about ... Some commentators in the forum have an icon for "ScoutBook user Advisory Council.".  If you click that patch, it takes you to this set of four page ... where all the documentation exists.  https://www.scoutbook.com/mobile/forums/using-scoutbook/86040/suac-scoutbook-faq-and-resources-table-of-contents/
    • The Cubmaster is fine with it. It is the Committee Chair who is opposed. 
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