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    • Where do I start..... I’ll break it down by era.. Currently all Cubmaster shirts.  Oscar de la Renta 1980-2008 style: 1. Short Sleeve with 90s era knots, OA flap old style embroidered red numerals, old larger red Trained strip, silver mylar Cubmaster POR. World Crest with NO centennial border ring. 70s-90s era council camp temporary insignia.  2. Long Sleeve ODL with similar style as short sleeve above except for a pre 1983 khaki green background Eagle knot and a custom Cub Scout blue & silver Trained Strip. The OA flap on this one is my Lodge 25th anniversary/75th OA anniversary from 1990. (My favorite version of our lodge flap) with silver Mylar border. World Crest with NO outer 2010 border ring.  3. NOS ODL Short Sleeve (blank) still has the tags.  4. Spare ODL long sleeve (blank but experienced) 5. Experienced and well used ODL short sleeve. Currently in state of repair but serviceable.  6. ODL era dark green Venturing BSA shirt. Because you never know, the future is an open book and I want to be prepared. And I like the way the ODL shirts fit me.  (2 Pairs of ODL era pants and red tabbed socks.)   Centennial 2008-present style: 1. Short sleeve Cubmaster with technology “smokes pocket” all current style patches, knots and OA flap. Council Camp temporary insignia  2. Short Sleeve newer style poplin (without tech pocket) with 2000s-early 2010s era lodge flap. PWD pit crew temporary insignia.  3. Microfiber vented short sleeve with current insignia except the knots are late 90s era. Cub Scout summer camp patch as temporary insignia.  4. Long Sleeve early style Centennial with “smokes pocket” currently being put together for winter. Scout Sunday 2018 temporary insignia, knots and no lodge flap, yet.  3 pairs of Centennial switchback pants (2 cotton and 1 lightweight with the black belt) and several pairs of the current green socks   3 Red Jac Shirts (one 60s-70s era, one current style and one Bemidji Woolen Mills with the double yolk and extra pockets and HUGE 70s style collar) my personal favorite.  1 Olive green 2008-2011 BSA Jac Shirt. I do love the green ones, too!  I’m also currently putting together a mid 1960s-1971 era wool green long sleeve Cubmaster shirt with the then-current insignia (green diamond shape Cubmaster patch) , local red/white CSP and lodge flap of the day compete with garrison cap and official blue Cub Scout necktie for our Trunk Or Treat Pack Meeting and to maybe wear for other occasions. I’m also working on a circa 1972-76 era short sleeve khaki green “SCOUT BSA” shirt.      As Don Rickels might say “May I say from the bottom of my heart, you have a problem!” 😂   I’m a bit of a geek and a historian of sorts and that’s the way I like it! 
    • I haven’t read Game of Thrones, but I did have to read it twice while banjo music played in my head. 
    • I gave a clear answer. Life’s collection of knowledge is data, no matter how it was collected. You can take it or leave it of course just like all the experience data that posters provide on this forum. If not, then what would be the point of requesting information from experienced members on subjects like, Starting a new troop: budget items. Collected experience data isnt always noted, recorded, and stored away because who would expect some shortridge down the road of life challenging that knowledge to sway opinion against our integrity. After all, if a person has the knowledge gained from the experience of starting a new troop, why would that person expect that data to be challenged? Is it so really so hard to believe girls are different from boys? Barry
    • I’m still not seeing anything except some inartful phrasing on Bryan’s part to suggest that anything beyond Cubs is going to have a family-camping focus. The core Scouts BSA program is not changing. Besides: Most teens I know would rather lock themselves in their room for a year than go on “scheduled fun family time” with their parents and siblings.
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