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    • We carved out and built a meeting area down behind the CO on their land, backs up to some houses.  Put in a bridge over a gully, assembly area with flagpoles and benches in meeting areas for patrols.  We hang lanterns for lighting.  You come down a hill to get to the area.  If one comes later pretty neat to look down and see the lanterns, Scouts running about.
    • those are awesome!  how I think it should be in a perfect world.  Talk about taking patrol spirit and troop pride to another level.....I'd add that the patrol leaders should all have keys to the place so the patrols can have meetings on their own time.... keeping the adults "out of it".  A real scout hut club house! Meanwhile, my troop as a boy, was much like the Troop I volunteered for.  We fought every other ministry in the church, along with wedding receptions and the rest, for space in the parish hall or the school cafeteria....  No regular place even to store the troop's flag.... we'd have to look for it every time to find which corner or closet it got squirreled into....   curious about those examples.... who charters these troops?  who owns the building and land for these troops to have such an awesome set-up?
    • Brian, are you talking about the Cub Scout summer day camp at Watchung Reservation?  (Or at least that's where it was when my son went, but that was 15+ years ago.)
    • Your day camp does not provide bussing?
    • You bring up some good points. I'm guessing this is the bone of contention. While I'd like to believe that the BSA will do this my gut feeling is that membership numbers are the only thing of any real concern. If they were as interested in getting the patrol method working well in 90% of the troops, where scouts lead scouts under the wisdom of an adult, I'd be a lot more comfortable. Food for thought: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/hope-relationships/201402/brain-differences-between-genders
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