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    • Ah I feel younger, thanks. 
    • In my troop the grey beards sit out of the way and let the boys run things and only step in when asked by the boys for help or for safety reasons. The boys run the program.
    • NRA firearms instructor certification appears to be the only one the BSA recognizes.  Too bad.  https://www.scouting.org/outdoor-programs/shooting-sports/ I don't see a problem with added materials from other programs. 
    • Firstly, I fail to see what the cultures in India and other middle eastern nations have to do with criteria for choosing a spouse in America, unless perhaps the region in which you reside has a significant number of immigrants from such areas.  As far as I am able to ascertain no one here has called for suttee, or dowery,  or even the acceptance of sexist and demeaning jokes or stories. Secondly, scouting belongs to the scouts. Not the siblings, not the parents, not even the Scouters with half a century of experience,  The scouts. 
    • As one whose beard is greying, and who is facing the prospects of World Jambo and 20-something SMs from the rest of the world, you are right. What keeps many of us in? Well, luck. I've lost some good friends over the years, so I know that my nights counting stars are limited. money and time. Our country is very unique in that many retirees have made a decent nest egg. being nice. The first two don't matter if someone complains too much to our COR. war and college. It takes our young SM's/ASM's away from us right when we need them the most. Us oldies need to sub in for them until they return and can tell their boss they ain't working double shifts no more. smiles. I say it again and again ... but there is no place where I see happier young people than when they settle themselves down in the middle of the wilderness. Maybe not the first time, but they keep coming back. Then finally learning how to rest easy.
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