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    • I personally have no issue with Wood Badge, the program, or the participants generally. My comment was more to do with specific people who focus on Wood Badge and similar adult recognition to the point where it seems be prioritized over youth elements of the program, and how that runs counter to my own views on Scouting.  
    • Since the LDS are forming a new program, I would imagine that they will be wanting to keep all their camping equipment.
    • I am sorry to hear about the negative Jamboree experience. I think one has to just look around and be open with the leadership of perspective troops, and find one that has values and standards that you can accept and support.  I am sure some units won't be willing to accommodate but others will. Try to meet them half way, don't expect them to not camp on Sundays, but I think it is reasonable for them to support your choice to leave Saturday night. You will have to realize that things will be done a bit differently.  But realize there are many LDS youth in community troops NOW, who are happy and accepted.  And the option of moving the troop to a new CO and continue running it the same way. And there are always concerns about enough volunteers, but it can work.
    • So true. The only time we hear from our DE is when he's trying to drum up registrations or rather, trying to get US to drum up more registrations. Sure, what volunteer doesn't want to do FOUR rounds of membership rallies every year? 🙄  Dude can't even get flyers printed properly for us. Go away. It's that or to schedule a FOS presentation.
    • Welcome to liability underwriter attorneys having the only voice that counts, he says cynically. 
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