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    • I say, why not!  But, take it up a notch where the Camp uses their Camp Commissioners as "traffic cops" in that  they write citations for infractions of pre establish safety rules.  Those cited would then appear before a judge (Program Director) at the Camp's "traffic court".....just my 2 cents, and thinking out loud
    • @ParkMan, your first scentence contradicts the remainder of your reply. You say this issue is about some higher ideal, "equality", but then every example you put forward is an example of permissive sexual ethics, and you conclude with the biased judgment that BSA picked "the wrong side" in the late 80s. The promoters of restrictive sexual ethics continue to argue that BSA is choosing the wrong side now. They flourish in their domains. And here is where I especially disagree with you ... I encourage anyone, of any particular faction, in any particular role (leader, follower) to keep talking about BSA. I'd prefer that they'd say something novel and insightful each time they spoke, but we should recognize that is hard to do. (See the  reference to a rehashed article in law-dot-com in another thread for an example of failure at novelty.) It gives parents something to talk to me about. Negative advertising: it ain't great, but it's cheap!
    • As one who spent 30 years of my life as a TBM (true blue Mormon) before being excommunicated, I've a perspective that you lack based on research and experience thus the reason for my comments. But, I do respect your vigorous defense of your faith. All I ask is that at least you make an effort to explore my comments with your own research independent of what you're being told by the Mormon church.  
    • You've just found the solution to the BSA's woes,  lol.  In all seriousness, though, I've been pushing for our middle school to allow the troops in town to reach out to all potential scouts through either the 'Friday Folder' emails or the PTO.  There's also something called 'Enrichment Day', and while it's technically for exploring types of jobs, if they'll let the color guard of the high school take a slot, I don't see why not scouts.
    • I thought the LDS church only allowed men to hold the priesthood.  Seems like that's a pretty big symbol. to me.
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