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    • REI Blog on gender inclusion in youth programs.
    • "prototroops" Beneath Camp Meriwether's flagpole stood 11 girls, right arms bent and raised to their brows in a salute. In that moment, they made history. The girls were among 200 boys at Camp Meriwether, Oregon's historic Boy Scouts camp, as they became pioneers in breaking down the 108-year-old scouting organization's gender barrier.The Boy Scouts of America officially introduce girls into its upper ranks early next year, but Camp Meriwether is taking the lead as the only scout camp in the Cascade Pacific Council to open its doors early to a handful of girls, 11 to 15, in preparation for a full transition into a coed camp next summer. The girls are organized into posts, or "prototroops," as Todd McDonald, director of program and member experience for the Cascade Pacific Council calls them. More at Source https://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2018/08/historic_oregon_boy_scout_camp.html
    • Try heating the badge up with an iron set on low.    makes the plastic nice and soft
    • They told me that if you find a snipe and take it home, it will  carefully peck all the old badge magic off your uniform.
    • From what I hear near me, there will be plenty of troops willing to start paper units for girls.  If anything, I suspect there will be more interested troops than girls.
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