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    • Hi @Cburkhardt    Here are the relevant rules from my GSUSA council, emphasis mine.   In my connection with GSUSA I have never seen adults bringing alcohol to, or drinking on outings.    I don't know where you dredged up those comments,  but in my experience that is not normal.    
    • Jackdaws:  The "kindest" thing that can be said about the release you referenced is that the competitor organization invites the reader to infer that girls are unsafe in Scouts BSA, but are perfectly safe in their organization: ".... and above all, safe."  Our Scouts BSA Troop for girls is about as absolutely safe for a girl as any organization could possibly be.  We enforce everything.  In the BSA having alcohol on outings is immediate cause for removal from the activity and lifetime dismissal from the organization.  I would take that action in a heartbeat.  In comparison, read some of the comments made by volunteers by the competitive organization on a popular and public site their volunteers post to on a regular basis.  I've simply cut and pasted statements and only deleted the names of minor children referenced.  I do not know much about that organization and its programs, but I gather from the comments that the drinking of alcohol takes place on  weekend trips to hotels and other "glamping" locations.  In all fairness, there were comments from other posters on that site that urged the competitor organization's alcohol policy to be enforced.  Because that organization is apparently positioning itself as a pristine protector of youth protection policies, they have invited public inquiry into the type of behavior you can read about below:  She was not the only one who drank on that trip (I did not and I am a pretty regular drinker...but I just follow that rule very strictly for GS trips). A group of moms went and bought wine from  the hotel lobby and drank it. Most of the moms didn't have more than a glass but I think (deleted minor girl’s name)'s mom had been drinking her own supply all evening or is a total lightweight.

      We did another trip about a year later and I told all of the moms not to drink ((deleted minor girl’s name)'s mom was not on that trip, nor was (deleted minor girl’s name)). I know at least one other mom snuck in a bottle of wine. Against the rules but as long as nobody is impaired I'm not going to get tooooo upset about it. I will just remind everyone again... The very first GS event we had (a simple overnight at a hotel with a pool), I honestly didn't know the rules and neither did anyone else and we all brought wine. But again, we didn't over consume it. Like 2 glasses over the entire course of the evening. Then I ended up doing the camping training and indoor/outdoor overnight training and I found out it was against the rules but I think these moms like each other so much it feels like a social opportunity to them as well. So the two other trips we've taken they drank (I did not) but only (deleted minor girl’s name)'s mom was out of control. I will continue to remind them not to drink on GS trips but I'm honestly not going to go crazy enforcing it if nobody is driving and I can't tell they've been drinking. It's weird though because at our school's overnight camp there's a no drinking rule and as far as I can tell nobody breaks that one. This reeeeaaaally bugs me. If parents don't follow the rules, how can the parent expect their girls to follow the rules. And I should mention the time (deleted minor girl’s name)'s mom got so drunk I had no idea they were even drinking. I was down the hall in a different room with another chaperone and 3 girls and we were sleeping!! I just heard stories from other moms the next day. They are the parents I've got for the troop I've got. I've asked them not to drink and it seems like some of them don't want to adhere to that on overnight trips but short of a major confrontation about this I don't know how to force them to stop. You can't police adults every second if they're inside hotel rooms, nor should you, of course! At some point if they're going to break the rule, they're going to break it, but that doesn't mean you should soft-pedal telling them in advance that it does apply to them. I get a sense here of moms who maybe have gotten a bit used to thinking of GS overnight events as chances to catch up--which they are, but with rules attached. Man, if ever a situation warranted drinking, it’s chaperoning a bunch of Girl Scouts. I pretty much chug a big glass of wine after each meeting. We are planning a camping trip this summer and everyone in the troop will be invited but it won't be an official GS trip (not using troop funds,etc.) so if parents want to have a beer by the campfire...so be it. Maybe drinking wine would make them less annoying. And yet at our outings/camp outs half the moms are drinking 'tea' from an insulated cup at 9pm.... By “their” room does that mean drunk (deleted minor girl’s name)’s mom was sharing a room with (deleted minor girl’s name)? Or with the other parents who had gone drinking? The latter is more forgivable than the former I think. She was in a room with (deleted minor girl’s name) and another hot mess mom who was only in the troop a year and the 2 girls (and the dog). Other hot mess mom was crazy but she apparently didn’t drink much. I'm a boy scout mom and I am disgusted by this. My kids are eagle scouts and grown now and I never saw a parent drink while being a chaperone on any trip or outing. It wouldn't be tolerated and the leaders would SPEAK UP. You really need to stop turning a blind eye to parent chaperones drinking on trips. That's NOT ok. It's even worse to have a "if I don't see if but you're not drunk its fine" unofficial policy. It needs to be a dry weekend, with a parent HH at the end of it (after all girls are home) if they really need an excuse to drink together. I don’t think the moms having one glass of wine are the issue here. Although they should knock that off.
    • Thanks for sharing.  I'm debating if this hammock will be a relaxation only thing or if I want to get an underquilt and hammock tarp.
    • When is the unit membership renewal? Barry
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