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    • From discussions with pros, friends and experience, it is mixed.  Sometimes the SE knows but doesn't tell the subordinates.The DEs and other underlings find out from volunteers who get it from online sources. I know I have upset my SE twice now releasing info on the district webpage has been posted here or on FB, before the council has released anything. But on occasion, SE are surprised too. There was one instance where something got leaked by someone at National and it made the news. I forgot what it was, but it was allover the news. It was being posted here and on FB before SE's were informed. I was told the al SEs had a post 5PM Central time zone emergency conference call, and the DEs got one as soon as it was done
    • @carebear3895  the communication flow or lack there of has always amazed me. The fact the professionals do not (or claim to not know) about things before the volunteers is amazing.  The last fiasco on the rate increase where the councils feigned ignorance was ridiculous.   I was told that all the SEs have a weekly conference call with national and they didn't know anything until the press released it is either incompetence or dishonest.     Or if this is how national runs the organization, Mr. mosby has lots of work to do. JMHO.
    • Yes we can.  But, again, I find it interesting how "outside"  folks like to view the "inside" folks.  In Utah, is there a "LDS Legacy Corridor" ?  Mmmmmmaybe not.  When I noted to the MD SHA folks that one of their new QLC signs  pointed in the wrong direction, they thanked me.  That was three weeks ago, the sign still points AWAY from us. Oh well.  Freezing rain tonight,  gotta cancel the big potluck amateur talent show..... 
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