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    • As I understand it now, an ASM reached out to the SE, concerned that I was being abused. The ASM was told everything was ok (not sure on what basis). I know my parents weren’t contacted because they were/are upset when they found this out. 
    • This helps me understand the tenor of the communications in the IVF I've mentioned several times. As I've gone over it 20 or so times, I can almost see people sneaking into the next guy up the chain's office with a sealed envelope in a lead box. "NO PUBLICITY" reads one page. "Quickly man, don't delay! Deliver the package to Mr. Ernst immediately! Do not kiss your wife or tell her where you're going. The Keeper of the Vault knows what to do. Speak to no one. Allow no one to read it. Be sure no one follows you. Your mission Jim, if you will accept it..."  
    • My early YP training as a rec league baseball coach AND as a CYO coach 20+ years ago had the same directives.  I challenged both orgs on it.  The explanation I received from both was about the same:  law enforcement would only act if there was clear evidence of a crime.  Which jibes with one of my earlier posts about the limitations of a law enforcement approach.  In addition, the authorities wouldn't reach back to the organizations, especially if they didn't investigate or didn't find any criminal activity.  That left the orgs in a tough place without vital information:  someone that's a jerk but not quite a criminal shouldn't be a coach or a scout leader  So this was likely not so sinister, just best, or at least common, practices for a while in the earlier days of widespread formal YPT.  I gave feedback to both orgs that it should be both not either/or.  Within a couple years the directives had changed, even before volunteers were designated mandatory reporters.
    • My baby sister texted me while she was watching. My phone was smoking by the time she was several minutes in. I still have the blisters. She's small, but not to be trifled with. She was in an abusive domestic situation for years, to the point my brothers and I were going to extricate her. She then broke free. The guy was loco and heavily into drugs. He died last year and she finally feels safe. In any case, she is a survivor and reacts strongly to any such content. 
    • I have downloaded this to compare with the version released prior to the online webinar many of us attended on June 16th.  Before I compare it line by line, has anyone else done that and if so, are there substantial differences or is this the same document? Also, is anyone else in a council who has said that they will not (at least at this time) be offering the option for the council to hold the charter?  This is dated 6/29/2022 and we were told on 6/30 that our council wouild not  (at this time) serve as CO for units currently chartered by the UMC.
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