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    • This is terrible.  The national narrative is that BSA is asking sex abuse victims to settle for $6k each (even with the reduced number of victims).  The TCC also says this is DOA. A Sex abuse survivor is quoted saying BSAs payment won’t even cover their cost of therapists.  TCC states the land is worthless as the leases are more than they oil revenue.   Yes, I hope we keep everything of true value to scouting, but I’m very concerned by attempting to save Summit we lose everything.   
    • Documents: DISCLOSURE STATEMENT AMENDED CHAPTER 11 PLAN Kosnoff's already weighed in. Still demanding liquidation.  
    • Agreed.  BSA better be ready to survive for the long haul while in bankruptcy court if this is their best offer.  This is no where near enough to get an early settlement. 
    • BSA expects to keep the camps.  Fat chance.
    • Breaking... The BSA files a reorganization plan with Bankruptcy Court. "The plan calls for a $300 million contribution from the Boy Scouts’ 250-odd local councils into a trust for abuse victims, although the form and timing of those contributions remain up in the air. The Boy Scouts also say any unrestricted cash above the $75 million the organization claims it will need for operations when it emerges from bankruptcy will go into the trust fund. The BSA also has agreed to contribute its collection of Norman Rockwell paintings to the fund, and to sell a warehouse facility in North Carolina, a Scouting University facility in Texas, and rights to oil and gas interest". More details at source links: https://www.seattletimes.com/business/boy-scouts-submit-reorganization-plan-to-bankruptcy-court/ https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/boy-scouts-offer-sex-abuse-settlement-aiming-for-end-to-bankruptcy
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