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    • I would not call my personal uniform "minimal" in the sense nothing but default is on it, but I also prefer a simple uniform and do not put on every single thing I could.  I want to be recognizable as a leader to Scouts (in and out of unit) and parents.  I want some things like AOL/Religious Emblem/Eagle knots to show the Scouts "these things mean something and follow you through life" as a means to encourage them to achieve and respect those things.  But otherwise, I want all the "showing off" to be the youth. I think that's a good practice when you're actively involved in unit leadership. I love and someday dream of being an "old salt" and I think for that crowd of emeritus Scouters their life in Scouting evolves beyond unit leadership.  At that point packing the uniform is an interesting way to showcase the different ways you can stay involved and contribute once your time in unit life comes to an end.  I love seeing those elaborate showcase uniforms and have zero problem with them. In the end, I don't really feel one way or another about how people wear a uniform.  Once official, always official means there's a wonderful spectrum of pageantry to enjoy
    • "Is there or is there not a uniform standard in Scouts BSA?" Yes, there is. But that question isn't very helpful. A better question might be "what should the response be when a scout doesn't meet the uniform standard." As usual in scouts the answer often depends on why the scout isn't doing what is hoped for. I once had a scout wear intensely bright green pants to a meeting because someone complained that the green pants he previously wore were not "green enough." I suspect the tutu scout was also trying to make a point. While some broken rules require a ton of bricks, the uniform, whether tutu or neon green, is better served with a quizzical look and a conversation. I think the hardest part is being prepared for scouts that want to push boundaries or buttons. But that's on the adults, not the scouts. By the way, the scout wearing the neon pants turned out to be an outstanding SPL.  
    • I love that there is no set "order" for Scout-->First Class rank requirement completion.  And there is some wisdom to connecting Scout-->First Class advancement with what fits for older scouts into a win-win to maximize results in meetings and outings.  What is ultimately most important is what is the goal for that Scout and do they feel empowered to achieve it?  If not, they should talk to their PL/SPL/SM to get help and advice.  That might not come in the form of "let's change our meeting plans" so be prepared for some homework or outside of the box options.  Have your scout start with the Patrol Leader and get the PL to bring up any needs at the next PLC.  But, if the CC is running the new scout show, that might be a symptom of a larger problem with adopting the boy lead philosophy.  Not to derail the main topic, but the new scout patrol comment jumped out at me.  We are about to rebalance our patrols to start the year.  We had the discussion about how to structure patrols too.  For now, we're sticking not with "new scout patrols" but "similar age patrols".  Two main reasons:   1) YPT says scouts must be within 2 years age to share accommodations, having like-aged patrols makes this less challenging when doing an outing under the patrol method 2) we were worried with older scouts in a patrol the younger scouts might defer leadership chances to the older boys too often - we want the younger aged patrols to have a PL and to have the PL and patrol have the challenge of sorting out campsite/duty roster/menu/etc.  We also want every age group to have representation at the PLC so like-aged patrols seemed to support that too.  Just some thoughts, but we're having similar debates here about Patrol age structure. 
    • While not official, Mike Walton's page is very good. It isn't clear to me if this strip should be removed after a Scout turns 18.   "Brownsea" Strip (scoutinsignia.com) Also from here: SCOUTER Forum
    • Does anyone have recommended brands and brand lines within brands? Or brands / brand lines to avoid? 
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