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    • True, but you have to honest with what Parts.  The neckerchief, the khaki or green quasi-military shirt (or Blue for cubs), the merit badge sash are all emblematic of Boy scouts.  I would argue the rest is optional. 
    • We have a public FB page.  And I don't have $5 a month to setup a webpage unfortunately.  
    • Create a FB page--It's free. The girls won't share this, but their parents will, which means other girl's parents will see it, too. Have the girls make short videos they can post on Tic Tok, Insta, and reels. Don't do the stupid "Please join" video either. Have them show something cool like ziplining, with captions like "look what we did last weekend!" When word gets out that the girls are doing cool things, you'll have recruits. Set up a webpage--It's easy to do and will cost $5/month. In today's world, if you don't have a webpage, you don't exist. My experience with marketing is with writing groups, not scouts, but the same principals apply--most groups don't do any kind of marketing. By just publicly posting our weekly meeting times on Meet-up, we grew for 11 people to 50 people in just one year. By upping the game and creating a webpage (www.palousewritersguild.org), the group now has over 300 members and is able to host writers festival every summer. As you can see it's a pretty simple page, but it lets people know what we're doing and where we meet. It also provides a way for people to contact us with questions. You really don't need much more than that.
    • I have no problem discussing uniform advances, but We can’t have discussions of improving marketing and give up the uniforms at the same time. Boy Scouts have been identifiable by their uniform since the program started 110 or so years ago. Barry
    • More functional, I'm not exactly sure what that means.  Ever since the old OD green uniforms there has been a bunch of revisions to style, material, pockets, and there are a lot of choices.  The individual was clearly part of the larger group, and the attire received far more then a passing glance.  If someone showed up wearing a speedo and a tank top, or a string bathing suit there would have been an outcry.  Civil disobedience,  what if a member showed up wearing a Hitler Youth uniform, that youth would have been removed.  But, the powers don't seem to be interested in maintaining a positive public image.  Whisper, laugh, ignore, or tolerate,  either way let's just throw the standard away and don't worry about it.   
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