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    • Likely the same, or connected ones that balk at paying disaster claims after fires and floods, or that control much of our medical insurance, making it so expensive.  And that will only change if the mulish government so called leaders start doing their jobs as our representatives and not at the bidding of big money insurers and those with whom they interconnect.  Yes, I am a bit cynical regarding these entities, having been burned myself within our condo associatiion.  
    • Although li +1 Linked troops are two separate units; tracking their financials on different accounts make sense. Our committee opened an additional checking account under our main bank account for the girl troop - with its own treasurer to manage the books. The girl troop will have separate budget, outings expenses, fundraising, etc.
    • So, who are the insurance companies that happily billed and collected premiums and are now refusing to pay?  It is quite a kick to the gut for the BSA to institute all these reforms since the 70's and 80's to provide a safer program that we enjoy today and be ripped off by the insurance companies when it come time to compensate victims for the heinous acts of others.
    • Sadly we had an incident in my council 20 years ago where a mom, dad, and grandfather, serving as committee chairman, ASM, and SM respectively, signed off on a bunch of requirements and MBs. When it came time for his Eagle BOR, it was obvious that he did not do the work. Eagle BOR followed procedure, came up with a plan and asked him to come back when completed. family appealed to council, and the council concurred with the district EBOR. Family then appealed to national. National granted the Eagle stating you don't punish the Scout because of the adults in the unit. Entire district advancement committee resigned in protest.
    • We have Scouts (youth) who are Life or Eagle sign off on the Tfoot / Second Class / First Class requirements.  I guess if we had Life Scouts in the troop that also had a son in the troop we would evaluate if they could sign off, though not likely we will put it in the rotation of things to talk about.  For merit badges scouts find leaders other than their parents to cover that.  We are a large unit so most merit badges (especially Eagle required) have 3 to 4 MBC they can call on. For our unit no parents can be on their son's BOR.  Same for SM conferences, no parents does those for their son.
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