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    • Over my 49 years as an Arrowman, I have seen all of the 'infractions' discussed here many, many times.  I will admit that I do winch when seeing someone wear the sash incorrectly, but over the years i have learned to let it go.  I will, if one of my Scouts wears the sash to a troop rather than OA function, remind him that we only wear it when representing OA.  At an OA event, I will only mention sash wear to a fellow Arrowman if it is something like a new member wearing it over the left shoulder, and even then, quietly and as an aside. As several folks here, I also have more than one sash, although only one is still worn.  One of the problems with being around so long is that the sash I received at my Vigil ceremony 46 years ago no longer goes all the way around me.  However, if it was still properly sized, I would have no problem wearing it, stains and all. 
    • Sounds like a Tenderfoot to First Class camp. As @Thunderbird stated, there is no need to wait until May to work on Totin' Chip.  I would much prefer seeing new Scouts do this in a troop setting, where they are given the individual attention needed.  When done at camp it is hard to give each Scout more than a few minutes.  I went down to observe some of our Scouts in the TTFC program at camp this summer, and that is what they were doing while I was there.  A minute to a minute and a half each, and one boy (from a different unit) who just missed putting an ax in his leg several times, and they were all told they were good to go.
    • I agree.  You can not submit an online app without paying.  The online invitation manager is separate.  I don’t see how this could be a glitch...
    • For new units.  Most packs are simply adding girls as there is no minimum (since you already have a charter agreement for the Pack); however, it sounds like their council is still referring to a 5 girl minimum.  
    • For some reason reading this exchange I've found myself humming a certain Monty Python song. All together now "I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok...."
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