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    • DE - District Executive DD- District Director DFS- Director of Field Service DA- District Associate (Basically Para-Professional DE) SE-Scout Executive ASE- Asst. Scout Executive  I thought VOA was Venturing of America (nothing to do with the OA)
    • That sounds like a safe policy
    • Our unit asked our meeting place (not the CO) for a room in the basement for storage. They approved and we now emptyed our trailer into the room. When we go on camp outs they scouts(PLs) give the QM a list of the equipment they need and it is put in the trailer. It not only covers us in case the trailer is stolen (parked at a former troop members ranch ) but it also teaches the boys to pack lite and not bring everything and the kitchen sink. Because they’d have to carry it up the stairs!!
    • There is no requirement to type. Neat writing should be acceptable. However if you can’t read it that’s a different story...
    • My unit does the breakfast but no so fancy, scrambled eggs $5 a ticket. We get lots of rotary sales (we go to their mtgs.) they usually buy the tickets and don’t show up, even though the event has semi-poor attadence we still profit.   the money goes into the scouts accounts, where they can pay for camp outs. 80 % for seller, 20% to those who work the event
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