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    • Civilian ships often carried cannon. Some of the Illinois militia units had 2 pounder "grasshopper guns" in their arsenals. I've seen one in a museum. Individual civilians could own punt guns, which were huge shotguns or small cannons.  
    • Is this directed at anyone in particular?  The discussion seems fairly civil as far as I can see.
    • in regards to the comparison to the 1st amendment... it is well regarded, understood and supported by SC decisions that some limits are allowed for the 1st.
    • Let's keep this a courteous discussion where different opinions are expressed and not a argument that some one has to win.  Thanks. @NJCubScouter  @LeCastor
    • In my area you are allowed two adult candidates for every three Scouts elected; rounding up if you don't have a multiple of 3 exactly. So if four Scouts were elected you can nominate two adults AND you as Scoutmaster. The SM does not count against the total of adults nominated. This doc should help. Some units will arrange to have the adults and Scouts attend the same Ordeal. You are usually broken up into different groups. That's about all I can say really without spoiling too much. You council's Lodge should have a set of dates so you can coordinate with the others. It is like a camp out, sort of. Expect the first night to be interesting. The second night should be quiet. Your Lodge will tell you what to bring. It is kind of a personal experience if it is done correctly.
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