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  2. We use Scoutbook with a GoDaddy website on the side. I would say that if you already use Scoutbook, I'd just start using that for calendar, RSVPs, permission slips, communication etc. Scoutbook does not have a public facing webpage, so you would have to choose something like GoDaddy or Facebook or others for that.
  3. Many moons, hundreds of pages and thousands of posts ago someone VolScouter (?) noted that BSA worked with top experts and consultants to develop it’s program for YP over a number of years. Is anyone willing and able to post the names of those individuals and organizations? I’m very curious and grateful in advance.
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  5. Dang it! TK colors outside the lines, so that may be tough to curtail. (Anyone else grow up calling them Jarts?)
  6. Just remember, Lawn Darts have to follow BSA'S Shooting Sports rules, and Dodgeball is now banned.
  7. We use troopwebhost for our roster/communication/planning, but use Internet Advancement 2.0 (which is really just a different front end for Scoutbook) for all advancement. The mobile app for troopwebhost is bizarre, it needs to load all of the roster data every time you start it, so it is rather slow. The calendar and email features from a desktop/laptop are pretty solid, even though the interface is rather dated. Transitioning a unit from one platform to another is a giant PIA, so do all the research you need to be happy with your choice. There will be at least a few months o
  8. I cast my non-POA, non-master, non-e ballot for a mano a mano Tanc v Kosnoff face-off. I’ll buy the live streaming rights, take wagers and we’ll make bank. Venue and form of combat TBD. Stay tuned... By the way, “combat” is used broadly. It includes such things as checkers, one on one dodgeball, reflector oven baking, knots, impersonations, lawn darts, and etc.
  9. Yep. And your most likely defense? That you are not worth enough to be named as a Defendant unless there is strong evidence you did something particularly egregious. If your defense costs you less than $50,000, even if you win, or are dismissed out of the case, you are lucky. The likely cost of defense is so high, and so far beyond most folk's ability to pay, many attorneys would require a retainer in that amount. Lump sum up front. Welcome to the modern Scouting environment. And further, ask your questions in writing and get a written response. If possible, get a
  10. Well, now we have Century going after Kosnoff. 01823e91-93d1-4930-acb7-9f3d3456a987_1.pdf (omniagentsolutions.com) Boy Scouts of America: Documents List (omniagentsolutions.com) It looks like they are going for a restraining order against Kosnoff... Kosnoff was on twitter today, tweeting about the BSA deposition. That may not be allowed. He also plans to file a request to dismiss the Bankruptcy case. Finally, he had a few unflattering things to say about the TCC ... but I expect the hearing is about the deposition chatter, not the TCC stuff.
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  12. I agree with the last paragraph. I’ve spoken with people in the know and they believe the risk to JLSS and the case is too great if she starts tossing votes. The underlying problem, of course, is are there substantively invalid claims that are being counting on either side? Personally, and this is from knowledge of attorneys working the “reject” side, I don’t think invalidity is going to be high among most firm’s clients. From what I know, they did too much rigorous vetting for that to get by them. My opinion. The issue may not matter. I doubt much if any review will happen prior to getting be
  13. It sounds like BSA lawyers testified today that they were aware of the coalition's eBallot, reviewed it and approved its use. It also sounds like they do plan to go after master ballots. So, expect a fight ... from both sides about ballots. Some guesses... BSA may fight power of attorney documentation to get claimants votes thrown from master ballots. TCC and others may argue eBallot was not approved by the court, caused confusion, may have not been secure, etc., and therefore, any ballot submitted through the eBallot should be tossed. I think these fights back and forth
  14. We use troop web host for the calendar and sign-up, as well as to help track advancement. It works well and while I am not involved in this part, it seems to update scoutbook well. Not too many bells and whistles, but works.
  15. We use Scoutbook for tracking advancement and awards, and some communications, etc. we use A Shutterfly shared site for the troop calendar, event sign-ups, communications, photos. Our issue is Shutterfly is becoming less reliable and more buggy and we would like a solution that can do everything we need.
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  17. Just a reminder of the current schedule. If this plan continues to go forward, I'll be interested in seeing the plan objections that come in by Feb 4. Dec 29 Deadline to serve discovery on voting, settlements Jan 4 Preliminary voting report Jan 5 Rebuttal expert reports due Jan 7 Deadline to serve responses/objections to voting/settlement discovery Jan 14 Document production regarding voting/settlement due Jan 17 Final voting report deadline Jan 28 Deposition of expert witness & fa
  18. Can someone perhaps clarify how this new California law affects Scouters that are registered in other states and visit Califonria? Also, how will it apply to things like the Reserve charter entries, especially college? For that matter, outside of Scouting, how will it apply to youth groups from other states, or even out of the country?
  19. The claims are/will be against the Settlement Trust, that's why we all have to repeat a proof of claim process and then even more extensive and intensive. This time, we will be subject to examination by the Trustee and other manner of litigation-style poking and prodding.
  20. Well understood. I agree. Perhaps I think of it wrongly. I think of it more as ... how much money does BSA have to contribute?. Even to the extreme pain level. Let's separate that cash, protect it to pay debts including victim claims and move on. The CSA claims should be against that protected trust ... and also the insurance companies.
  21. I'll hazard an amateur comment. Even in an auto accident, insurance companies don't give up money without a release. There's nothing saying they have to "contribute," especially when BSA's liability has not been adjudicated. All third-party non-debtors are simply trying to buy their ticket to freedom from this mess, ala the Sacklers. BSA can lay CSA claims at the carriers' doors all day long, but as with any other insurance claim, they ain't payin until they're either made to through litigation or they deem it to their best calculated advantage. Right now, we're in the latter scenario. In this
  22. We've often debated why LC/CO protection in another companies bankruptcy. I finally saw in another thread something that I've probably asked before (and forgot the answer). It's BSA's bankruptcy being used to settle a lawsuit. Why would insurance companies receive protection? The insurance company is not going bankrupt. It really seems the scope of the bankruptcy must really be shrunk.
  23. Hearing agenda set. 410a5a25-20e3-48ed-b3d1-19a0d129b9e1_8391.pdf (omniagentsolutions.com) No status conference listed. So, the ideas of weather, Covid, etc. are out the door. Why is the status conference not proceeding? My understanding ... TCC requested conference, 1 law firm joined them, BSA objected and then the judge set the hearing for a status update. Then ... a few days later, the judge cancelled that hearing. It seems like the only explanation is that the TCC agreed to cancel the hearing (or at least didn't object). The TCC hasn't had a townhall (I think they c
  24. I would very much like to see a deep dive into how this oft-repeated statistic breaks out. How many is "many" and are there any patterns to be seen between the multiple victim abusers and the single victim abusers? Patterns could include timeframe, geogrpahy, the source of the claim, as in law firm or aggregator, and etc. (I fear we will never know what really happened in this case, both as to the abuse and the mess this has become. I digress.) I don't know that many BSA CSA survivors, but the majority were abused by someone who abused other Scouts. In my case, as I've said, I wouldn't be
  25. class action lawsuit vs Chapter 11 As I understand, the University of Michigan (public non-profit, taxpayer funded) sexual assault settlement is a result of a class action suit filed in federal district court and not a bankruptcy.
  26. I wonder if the Bates analysis would have to reconsider. In addition, the Dr. at U of Mich worked from 1966 to 2003 ... so most of the victims are older right now (and male). It seems like Bates discounted older victims. Now, the one aspect where U of Michigan may be more liable is that he was a repeat abuser. Many of the BSA abusers were only identified once (Bates indicated repeat abusers are where the bigger payouts occur). I'm sure this settlement will be utilized in the BSA mediation/negotiations when calculating value of the claims. Insurance companies will likely be the
  27. (Reposting this here. Perhaps it was misplaced on the "All Legalese, All the Time" thread.) Jan 19 (Reuters) “The University of Michigan said it would pay $490 million to 1,050 people to resolve claims of sexual assault against a former sports doctor, in a settlement spanning decades and involving mostly male athletes as victims.” https://www.reuters.com/world/us/university-michigan-agrees-490-mln-sexual-abuse-settlement-ap-2022-01-19/ When you read the article, note the nature of the abuse in comparison to this context. Any and all sexual abuse is egregious, but t
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