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Biggest youth problems

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    I think the biggest problem is that we have taken learning out of schools and replaced it by activities. They want kids to be proficient in more things sooner, as a result they don't have time to actually teach something or take the time to make sure the kid learned it.

    Kids don't garden at home anymore, so all our schools include a garden that the students are required to work in an hour a week.

    When I was in high school I had genetics and worked on Mendelsohn's Peas. (I hope I've got that spelled right.) My own kids had to cover genetics in 5th grade and were covering the same topics I did in high school, but the teacher didn't have time to explain it because they also had to work in the garden, and run the schools recycling project, put together a program at the local community center, and visit the elderly in the nursing home. As a result the kids learn that you do just enough to get by, then jump to the next pressing thing.


    • packsaddle
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      LOL, "Mendelsohn's Peas" must be a recently-discovered music manuscript by a classical composer, first name Felix?
      Edit: yuck, yuck, it's spelled Mendelssohn. Unless you're really thinking about Gregor Mendel, who did some obscure genetic experiments.....with peas.
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    • Khaliela
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      Thanks Packsaddle; Biology never was my strong suit, LOL!

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    FrugalProf, what region? I have S&YS for Sections 101 & 102 (all of NJ) in Region I. Just hooked up one of my chapters with a new scouting advisor by having them adopt the cub day camp down the street.


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      the Internet......Youtube, minecraft, call of duty, facebook

      Millenial Parents.


      • packsaddle
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        Good grief! You're bickering about almost nothing and you're not even married (to each other). Enough already!

      • King Ding Dong
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        Well I thought I would look this up. Nice patrol activity BD. What scouting aims does "Language such as 'f**k,' 'b*tch,' and 'sh*t' can be heard in the dialogue." support ?

        Call of Duty: Black Ops

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        Platform: Windows PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

        Rating Category: M 17+

        Content Descriptors: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

        Includes online features that may expose players to unrated user-generated content (Windows PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)

        Rating Summary:
        This is a first-person shooter in which players control a U.S. soldier who works for the C.I.A. and participates in both well-known and secret events during the Cold War (e.g., skirmishes, stealth espionage, assassinations, and interrogations involving torture). Players use a wide variety of weapons such as pistols, rifles, machine guns, and explosives to injure/kill enemies. Combat can generate pools of blood and dismembered limbs. Players can use enemy bodies as human shields and execute them at close range. In one sequence, broken glass is placed into the mouth of a man while he is repeatedly punched, causing blood to spill from his mouth. Language such as 'f**k,' 'b*tch,' and 'sh*t' can be heard in the dialogue.

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        Back from a week in the woods with a crew......Nice group of lads and ladies......

        The best thing is you can raise your lad to be completely reliant on you, not able to manage himself......With no or little understanding of social media, or video games.....Video games are the comic books and baseball cards for this generation.

        I will raise my lad to be independent and self reliant, He will understand social media and the consequences and responsibility involving using it. Heck, I have been gone a week and been home 8 hours and still haven't seen him.......

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      Unneeded adult interference in growing up.