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Wood Badge Critter Patches

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  • Wood Badge Critter Patches

    I know that the WB Patrol Patches are not allowed on the Adult Shirts, but my son and I are getting Photos done and he wants us to match.

    So the question is which WB Patch are you putting on your uniform? BTW, I am Fox. I seen a few examples but I want a patch that looks similar to my son's patrol patch.

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    My kids don't need no stinkin' patch to know I'm an old crow ...

    Why don't you just get another one of your son's patrol patch?


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      Hmmmm, so, you want to tick off the uniform police AND record it with a picture as evidence? What's wrong with you, Man?

      I don't wear the patch which would get me in all kinds of trouble, but I do carry the old red/black beaver patrol flag on my walking stick.



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        You can just put a few threads in to have the patch on for the picture, the uniform inspectors bedamned.... now my Uniform for Commissioner-ing is a "slick" no extra patches or knots.... I have one complete & correct shirt I use for council events.... and another with Troop Position with my son's Eagle parent pin another Eagle Mentor pin on the lapel. I have Buffalo patches on my fleece, on my Wood Badge hat, and I think I have one on a napsack...


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          I have this one

          They are on velcro so I can change them out


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            put it on there....stick it to the man!


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              I have an owl patch on one of my uniforms. No uniform police have arrested me...yet.