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Tool Kit Reports on Training; Syncing them?

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  • Tool Kit Reports on Training; Syncing them?

    Reviewing the Scouting Tools under MyScouting I find that I have two training reports. One shows me fully trained, including four entries with apparently grandfathered dates (1911) which relate to Scouter and Scoutmaster basic training and outdoor. But on the troop leadership I am shown as not trained, even though I have been for decades. Any idea who to contact to clarify and correct. A couple of my long time assistants have similar issues. Probably not that important, but is just annoying.

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    My understanding is that the District Training CHair has access to changing the SCOUTNET training records. If not him, then they should be able to get you to the right person .


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      Found a FB site for the National Training Team, and they responded to my query. Said they have yet to deal with older training dates from courses with outdated codes; but supposedly local people can fix it by putting in approximate dates if the actual dates are not known. Of course, I have submitted lists of all training dates for most of my unit at least three or four times. Oh well; supposedly they will deal with this soon. Wait and see.


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        Trust me it could be worse When I was district training chair a few years back, I was the one responsible for getting the records up to date in my district. Try telling the district commissioner, who not only teaches various courses at the local Commissioner College, but went to and has served as faculty at PTC in regards to commissioner training, that he was "untrained" in his position according to SCOUTNET.


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          From a response on FB Volunteer Training Committee when asked about training at PTC:

          Wes - what happens at PTC are conferences not courses. In most cases the content of a conference with a similar title changes year to year - and week to week - based on the needs and experience of the participants. There is a "generic" PTC conference attendee code that Scouters may enter into a record to show they have been there, but since the content is inconsistent having attended a particular conference is not comparable to another having attended a conference with the same title. As for the Summit, there will be training there someday, but at this time the plans are that it will not be the same format as PTC - with the possible exception of NAYLE. For the most part PTC is a family-centric learning facility. The leadership of the Summit does not want it to be a competitor to PTC.


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            Your unit top 3, Committee Chair, Chartered Org Rep and the IH for the unit can all add training records for you on
            If you have copies of the training cards, provide them and they can upload a copy of the card when they enter the date just to be sure.
            If you changed positions since you did training, BSA would really like you to take the CURRENT training for your position.