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Why don't District/Council positions have trained patches?

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  • Why don't District/Council positions have trained patches?

    We bring new adults in to a unit and we want them to get their trained patch (we want them to complete all appropriate basic training, which is what the patch is). So why is it that the adult positions outside the unit that these new adults are most likely to meet don't have a trained patch? Namely every District and Council position, such as unit commissioners, summer camp staff, etc. Many new adults are shy anyway and don't want to wear a patch that hardly anyone else is wearing.

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    Some just don't wear the trained patch, but most of the ones I deal with (myself included) do wear the trained patch. As a District Commissioner, I make sure my folks are trained and are given the patch to wear, if they choose. I know of unit leaders who are trained that do not wear the patch as well, but I know they are trained, it does not bother me. Like knots, some like to wear all the bling, and some don't, just a choice.


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        Would be fun to put the Untrainable patch on wrong sleeve.

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      You'll have to click on the photo to make it readable.

      "Trained but not Housebroken" is probably too long.


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        Each position for the District and Council have trainings that is needed. Then they can wear the Trained patch.


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          Yep district and council level folks, except the pros, can go through training for their position and wear the trained patch. Some don't because they know that in a year or so they will be doing another district level position and need new training. It's easier that way. Maybe when I earn the comissioner Arrowhead Award will I wear the trained strip and that is IF i'm a RT commish.

          Only pros are not allowed to wear a trained strip. Rationale behind that is that they must constantly undergo training every year. Although they can be eligible for District Committee Key, and have their own professional training knot.


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            Yep, as others have said, there is required training for each position. I'm the district membership chair and a UC and both positions have training requirements. The UC role also has additional recognition for service above and beyond the additional training - the Commissioners' Arrowhead, etc.


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              I have noticed that many "trained" scouters, both district level and troop level apparently do not use that training assuming it was ever acquired. I have been to quite a few trainings and there is little if any assessment of whether the attendees truly understood or are able to apply their training. The lack of real training becomes evident when the scouter in practice does or promotes the complete opposite of what they supposedly were trained to do. Some try, as evidenced by the words they use, but the deeds speak louder.