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  • Back from Weekend 1

    Just got back from weekend one. Overall pretty satisfied. The first day was pretty overwhelming but our Troop Guide is great and really pushed us to focus on what a vision is and not just a list of things we can do as our tickets.

    The Staff (some of them) you could tell they carried themselves with this air of "elitism" but like I said a lot of people were not like that. I understand their "vision" is to see wood badge a certain way, but it is what it is.

    Going into the Game of life, I was a bit apprehensive because of the things I had heard about. The staff was pretty sensitive about it because they said afterwards, that they have had people almost and in some cases go to fisticuffs. Our group worked together pretty well with other patrols to make it really Win, all you can. rather than Win all you can like the other side of the room had. It was easy to pick up pretty quick.

    I understood the critter pride. I didnt have anything wrong with it. Some people (staff) took it to a scary pack rat level with some of their collectibles in their tent area.

    Im excited to work on my tickets related to getting parents more active in cubs.

    I used to be an Antelope...

    and apparently were rare.

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    Some Scouters take WB where IMHO it shouldn't be, near cult like. That's the elitism you mentioned I think.
    You have a good idea-hammer on your vision and what it can do for your unit. I look at my ticket every year and try to see how I can better live up to my vision.

    It can be an intense experience. If you go in with an open mind, and go for the right reason, you can't help but be successful and have a good time.


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      Hello Scout Wolf,

      So what kinds of things are you interested in doing in Scouting?


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        Glad you're enjoying yourself. My WB class only went to Bears. I've only met one Buffalo and Antelope in our Council.


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          That's unfortunate. They should be mixed up a bit.


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            Once I was a zebra....

            It was a BIG Wood Badge.


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              I just returned from my second weekend at Gilwell. I used to be a fox. an out training we had (between participants and staff, Beavers, Bobwhites, Eagles, Foxes, Owls, Bears, Buffalo and Antelope. so I guess we spread it out. . .
              Working my ticket. . .


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                one of my challenging ticket items pending will be becoming conversational in Spanish to help the hispanic parents in our family who struggle to talk in english well and understand the scout program. My ticket will run along the lines on working on the conversational piece and the fluency will hopefully come later. Couple of other items relate to getting parents more involved and in the know such as newsletters, parent recognition items, and lesson plans to help parents with some of the more difficult items such as tying knots and parent resources.

                Our wood badge was pretty sizeable. Some patrols (including mine) had 7 members, but it didnt take long for us to gel.