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Drinking some Kool-Aid and starting my ticket

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  • Drinking some Kool-Aid and starting my ticket

    I just finished up my second Wood Badge weekend. It was a great experience for me and I wish that I had done it years ago. I have read about people drinking the Kool-Aid and I may have drank a little bit. But it was interesting to see those who drank gallons of it compared with those who obviously did not have even a sip. It seemed most of of were somewhere in the middle and excited about what we learned and looking forward to taking it back to our units. Wood Badge, like most things in life, seems like the kind of thing that the more you put in to it the more you get out of it.

    Knowing how I am I will either get my ticket done in about 8 months or 17 months and 29 days.

    I used to be an Antelope.

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    Don't focus too much on what others may call it. I too call it drinking the Kool Aid and I just received my beads Saturday.

    You're right though, there are different levels and I do believe you get out of it exactly what you put in. Hopefully, you have written tickets that are meaningful and challenging. Honestly, I didn't ever think I'd pull my diversity ticket off, but now , after the fact, I don't understand what I was so worried about. Perhaps that's the training, I don't know.
    Work your ticket and remember it's not a race.

    Good luck working your ticket.

    I used to be a Bear.


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      In my never-ending crusade to redeem the good name of KoolAid: if you guys are making reference to the Jonestown tragedy, Jim Jones made his followers drink a beverage called Flavor Aid, NOT KoolAid. I'd appreciate it if someday we can all get this right.
      Otherwise if you WEREN'T making such reference...nevermind.


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        I beg your collective pardon, but I fail to see the connection between attending a training course (which may or maynot be a good thing, see other threads) and following an egotistical failed religious leader in mass suicide. The reference is a sad one at best and has no relevance at worst.

        I also join in the quest for historical accuracy. Flavor-Aid it was. For "bug juice", my Troop preferred Tang.


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          Again with the FlavorAid? Pack, are you always this vigilant about trademarks in general, or is is just sugary drinks? I'm wondering if you get all riled when someone needs a "band-aid", or "vaseline" because they slipped on the "astroturf" while "rollerblading"...


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            As a retired public transit employee, I also resent and regret the admonition to "throw him/her/someone under the bus". Have you ever stopped to think how that would traumatize the bus driver?
            For shame.

            And think of all those bath water babies that got thrown out? What about them, uh?


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              SSScout, I second that! (as a bus driver.)

              Besides, I always thought Flavor-Aid was an inferior product.


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                Spiney - Congratulations on your beading!

                Packsaddle - I work really close to Jel Sert, the company that makes Flavor Aid, so in order to help protect their good name I can not join you in your crusade to clear the name of Kool-aid.

                SSScout - Relax.

                Trevorun - I have some information on trademarks that I can "Xerox" and mail off to you.


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                  I think you all need a kleenex with all the crying that is going on


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                    Wow, I didn't see all that coming...Trevorum, when Astroturf and band aids, etc. become erroneously employed as symbols of mass murder/suicide at the hands of a religious cult, I'll vigorously defend those brands as well.

                    Unkiewill, exception noted. You don't suppose the Flavor Aid people might be the ones who started this...cleverly using KoolAid's superior name recognition against itself? I taste conspiracy!


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                      I think that you are giving way too much credit to the population at large. Ask your Scouts what happened at Jonestown and I bet you get "a flood" or blank stares. Most of the population uses the phrase "to drink the Kool-Aid" as a buy in to a potentially questionable arrangement. While yes, historically, the reference comes from Jim Jones and his miguided activities, most people I have run across do not know the historical reference any more than people know that "the rule of thumb" is a reference to how big the stick could be when you beat your wife (no bigger than the man's thumb).
                      While I do appreciate the history and do admire your tenacity to correct the maligning of the good name of Kool-Aid, I fear you may be swimming against the tide.
                      Good luck!!!


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                        pchadbo, swimming against the current is the story of my life. If you REALLY want to see an example of this, check the thread on Political Trends.
                        At least I know I'm headed upstream. Everyone else is just letting the current take them. Me, it's been my life's philosophy to "Spawn til you die".


                        My favorite t-shirt design of all time.


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                          We're Boy Scouts, can't we just bypass the whole Kool Aid/Flavor Aid stuff and call it what it really is? Bug Juice!


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                            Finishing your ticket is fine...

                            Pretty silly if you ask me....stuff I would have done anyhow.....Yes I finished mine.....

                            Still no beads....All though my training record shows it as completed.

                            Far as the comment you get out of it what ya put into it...maybe my expectations were to high...maybe my staff failed. From the stuffed animals to the screwing around at gilwell....

                            To the very poor make up of the patrols....

                            I may be a jerk, but I am involved in scouting for the right reasons.....

                            I will never be a Man Scout.......


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                              Gilwell did seem to drag on a little too long on most days. I was very fortunate to be in a patrol of some great people. There were a couple of patrols that I was really glad not to be in. So that did make a difference in my experience.

                              My ticket items are things that I have wanted to do for a while. But I always find an excuse not to do them. By having an 18 month deadline it will force me to do them. I think the skills that I learned will help me be a better scouter so that I can better serve the scouts.