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Updated Training Awards requirements

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  • Updated Training Awards requirements

    Hot off the Volunteer Training Team Facebook page:

    "The new progress records for the Den Leader Training Award, the Scouter's Training Awards, and the Scouter's Keys for unit-level leaders are now posted on on the "Adult" tab. More details on these awards, and the timing of the end of the discontinued awards, will be in the Summer Training Times update that will be posted there next week."

    Scroll down to "Training Awards for Adult Leaders in Units"

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    Thanks, but why are these things announced on Facebook and twitter?
    It is frustrating as information doesn't make it down to unit volunteers for months.


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      It's the BSA Training Teams Facebook Page. Apparently some of it was announced at the Annual Meeting. Info is trickling out... Atlest it's getting out. Now you know.

      Once I found the Training Page, I watch it to see what they say. Plus, it's a great avenue to ask questions directly to the BSA and get a response.


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        The award forms have "This is Scouting" required on them even though the requirement to take it to be considered "trained" was done away with because it is redundant.

        This page:

        Still not updated.

        I too bemoan the use of facebook for notifications. Why do they use the training updates page for a newsletter that is quarterly instead of just blogging on it?


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          Because there is an Information technology quagmire that stands between a committee and any page they may want to control on


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            Someone on Facebook asked about the "This is Scouting" requirement. "This is Scouting" is required to earn the award NOT to be considered Trained. The idea is that you must do more than the minimum training to earn the award.


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              Oh - and the further information is coming next week in the "Training Times" newsletter which will be posted on the National Council web site next week. The Facebook post was a 'heads up'.


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                Just to inject more chaos: Since the previous training times indicated that new requirements would be coming out, but you could complete the awards under the old requirements, let's see how many districts turn in the old forms, and how many reject the old forms because they think the new form is instantly required sending their volunteers into a hissy fit because they thought they finished their award, but now they have another year to go or some additional requirement to meet.


                BSA's National Committees - when it absolutely, positively has to be done completely wrong and poorly communicated.


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                  The Scoutmaster one calls for earning the National Outdoor Award. How does the Scoutmaster or unit earn this, I thought it was an individual scout award?

                  It no longer requires youth leader training to be held, but does require participating in annual troop planning, which the youth are supposed to do. I guess the SM is just supposed to make sure the youth do this and be present?


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                    There is a unit version of the National Outdoor Challenge Award, just like there was for the National camping award:


                    I thought the Scoutmaster was supposed to attend the annual program planning conference.

                    From "Program Features" V.1, pp 8-9

                    "STEP 3: Conduct the Annual Program Planning Conference
                    This is the step where your troop program comes alive. The success of this conference began when you, the Scoutmaster, prepared your senior patrol leader. Be alert throughout the conference to help out the senior patrol leader. Dont wait for him to fail, but be careful not to take over for him. Careful, nonintrusive coaching will help your senior patrol leader build confidence. Share your leadership with him."

                    "Who attends the conference?
                    The troops annual planning conference is attended by the Scoutmaster, assistant Scoutmaster for the new-Scout patrol, assistant Scoutmaster for the Venture patrol, senior patrol leader,
                    assistant senior patrol leader, patrol leaders, and troop guide."

                    See also:


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                      Ok. I knew that the Unit National Camping award was discontinued. Didn't know the new award had a unit one as well.

                      I knew that the SM should be at the program planning conference in an advisory role, but the training award says "participate in" the conference. To me, the participants are the scouts. Probably just a poor word choice on National's part.

                      My point is my surprise that the requirement to have unit level youth leader training has been removed.


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                        They probably didn't restate the requirement to hold ILST, because that's required to earn Journey to Excellence (Bronze), and earning the Scoutmaster's Key requires earning Silver JTE, which would include holding training.